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Tuesday’s Deadlines & Advising Assignments

August 11th, 2017

Dear first-year,

We're looking forward to welcoming you to Brown very soon!  

Advising Assignments*

Advising pairings are now finalized, and you can log into ASK/Advising to see the name of your academic advisor and Meiklejohn peer advisor. Remember that advising in the first year is about building relationships with people who can help guide you in making informed academic decisions. You'll meet in person with your advisor and Meiklejohn during Orientation. Right now, you can read your welcome letter from your Meiklejohn, and email with questions you might have about choosing courses, registering, how to use advising, or anything else.

Tips for Course Selection

Tuesday is the deadline to indicate your course preferences using the courses@brown site. Keep in mind that your schedule is fairly fluid at this point. You will have the opportunity to discuss course options with your advisors during Orientation and during the first two weeks of classes. We hope you will keep the following advice in mind.

  • Explore new ideas. Shopping courses can allow you to learn new things about subject areas you may not yet have considered. For example, many people associate economics with things like financial markets and monetary policy, when it is actually a social science that investigates important issues like health care, the environment, inequality, immigration, and globalization. Consider shopping introductory courses in a variety of departments to expand your understanding of the subjects available at Brown. Another way to do this is to take a first-year seminar. Even if you did not get placed in a first-year seminar during the lottery, there will be movement in and out of these courses after registration officially opens on 9/5. We also have attached a list of all first-year seminars that still have openings for your consideration.  
  • Remember your AP scores. To help you with course selection, you can find information about your AP scores and corresponding AP credits in ASK: Incoming Students/Test Scores/AP Scores on Record at Brown.

As always, prior emails and more information can be found on the Orientation website; feel free to contact us with your questions - advising@brown.edu or 401-863-9800.

Upcoming Deadlines:  

  • August 15

    • Mandatory Code Tutorial**

    • Letter to your advisor  

    • First Readings response

    • Add course preferences to cart

    • “No Notation” for AP Scores

  • August 22

    • Mandatory Alcohol Misuse and Sexual Assault Prevention Courses**

  • August 31


Sincerely, The Advising Team at Brown

*Changes will only be made if an advisor is no longer available. **If a student does not complete these mandatory items, they will not be able to register for courses. Registration opens at 7 pm on Tuesday, September 5.


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