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Brown +1: CUHK's Master of Arts in Anthropology

CUHK’s Master of Arts in Anthropology program is designed to use Hong Kong's advantageous geographic position and CUHK's excellent academic environment for cultivating an anthropological way of seeing and understanding the world. Through consultation with teachers, students acquire systematic training in the field and develop the ability to conduct independent research on current sociocultural issues.

MA in Anthropology students complete 8 courses (24 units) to graduate.

Course Exemption

Brown graduates who enroll in the MA in Anthropology Program may be exempted from one of the following 3-unit undergraduate/postgraduate courses if taken at CUHK during junior year study abroad.

Course Code
Course Title
ANTH 5215 Ethnic Groups, Ethnic Relations and Identities 
ANTH 5230 Seminars in Hong Kong Studies
ANTH 5240 Gender in Asia
ANTH 5250 Seminars in the Anthropology of China I
ANTH 5251 Seminars in the Anthropology of China II 
ANTH 5315 Meanings of Life
ANTH 5321 Topics in Anthropology
ANTH 5325 Medicine, Health and Culture
ANTH 5330 Anthropology of Film
ANTH 5350 Religion and Culture
ANTH 5365 Food and Culture
ANTH 5370 Tourism and Culture
ANTH 5390 Economy, Culture and Power
ANTH 5401 Topic(s) in Ethnography
ANTH 5410 The Cultures of Cities
ANTH 5470 Peoples and Cultures of Southeast Asia
ANTH 5480 Cultures of Chinese Overseas
ANTH 5510 Culture and Business
ANTH 5520 Globalization and Culture
ANTH 5631 Language, Symbols and Society
ANTH 5650 Visual Anthropology
ANTH 5670 Gender and Culture
ANTH 5710 Archaeology of China
ANTH 5720 Museums and Anthropology
ANTH 5730 Archaeology of Hong Kong
ANTH 5735 Preserving Cultural Heritage
ANTH 5760 China's Cultural Heritage

Career Prospects

MA in Anthropology graduates continue on to other postgraduate programs; others successfully enter widely varied fields of employment, including museum curating, journalism, government service, teaching, and international trade.

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