Office of International Programs

Faculty Advisors for Study Abroad

Students must meet with their concentration advisor before they study abroad to discuss their study abroad plans and plans for completing the concentration. Students also must update concentration declarations in ASK to include any study abroad courses for which they will seek concentration credit.

Many academic departments have a designated a faculty member who serves as a departmental study abroad advisor. If this is someone other than your concentration advisor, you might choose to talk with a departmental study abroad advisor, in addition to your concentration advisor, for:

  • information about the department or concentration’s general study abroad policies; or
  • knowledge of programs pursued in the past or their own recommended programs.

Unless otherwise noted, students should email the following department contact to set up an appointment.

Africana Studies
Francoise Hamlin

American Studies
Elizabeth Hoover

Andrew Scherer

Contact department for office hours.
To be approved by the Anthropology Department, courses must 1) have primarily anthropology content, and 2) be offered in an anthropology department or by an anthropologist in another department.

Applied Mathematics
Paul Dupuis

Archaeology & the Ancient World
Felipe Rojas or Sarah Sharpe

Biology & Medicine

Katherine SmithAssociate Dean of Biology

Sarah TaylorAcademic Advisor/Science Learning Specialist

Business, Entrepreneurship and Organizations (BEO)
Concentrators should meet with their track advisors. Please see BEO website for advisor contact details and office hours.  

Amit Basu

Pura Nieto Hernandez

Cognitive Neuroscience
Rebecca Burwell

Cognitive Science
Fulvio Domini

Comparative Literature
Student should meet with their concentration advisors.  

Computer Science
Students should meet with their concentration advisors

Development Studies
Geri Augusto

Students seeking graduation credit for classes in this area should first see appropriate alternate departments (i.e. Environmental Studies, Africana Studies, etc).

Early Modern World
Andrew Laird

East Asian Studies
Japan: Hirushi Tajima (Fall 2019)
Japan: Sachiko Hiramatu (Spring 2020)

China and Taiwan: Lulei Su (Fall 2019)
China and Taiwan: Wenhui Chen (Spring 2020)

Korea:  Hye-Sook Wang

Contact the Department of East Asian Studies for office hours.

Rajiv Vohra

John Papay

Contact the Department of Education for office hours.

Clyde Briant

Rolland Murray

Contact the Department of English for office hours.

Environmental Studies
Kurt Teichert

Contact the Institute for Environment and Society for office hours.

Ethnic Studies
Leticia Alvardo

French Studies
StĂ©phanie Ravillon (language courses)

Virginia Krause (other courses)

Gender and Sexuality Studies
Jeremy Lehnen

Geological Sciences
Jan Tullis

German Studies
Kristina Mendicino 

Hindi & Urdu (Center for Language Studies)
Ashok Koul

Hispanic Studies
Victoria Smith or Eva Gomez

Contact the Department of Hispanic Studies for office hours.

Howard Chudacoff

Contact department for office hours.

History of Art & Architecture
Jeffrey Moser

Contact Department of the History of Art & Archiecture for office hours.

International Relations
Ivan Arreguin-Toft

Contact International Relations for office hours.

Italian Language Studies
Cristina Abbona-Sneider

Judaic Studies 
David Jacobson (Fall 2019); Rachel Rojanski (Spring 2020)

Languages (not taught at Brown - Center for Language Studies)
Jane Sokolosky

Latin American Studies
Erica Durante

Contact the Department of Latin American Studies for office hours.

Uriel Cohen-Priva 

Jeffrey Hoffstein

Contact department for office hours.

Medieval Studies
Mercedes Vaquero

Contact the Program in Medieval Studies for office hours.

Middle Eastern Studies 
Alex Winder

Modern Culture & Media
Ariella Azoulay

Modern Greek
Elsa Amanatidou

Fall 2018 contact: Marc Perlman
Spring 2019 contact: Dana Gooley

Contact department for office hours.

Carlos Aizenman

Justin Broackes

Contact department for office hours.

Ian dell'Antonio and James Valles

Political Science
Students may see any member of the undergrad committee during their regular office hours. 

Portuguese & Brazilian Studies
Luiz Valente

Contact the Department of Portuguese & Brazilian Studies for office hours.

Andrea Simmons


Public Health
Mark Lurie
Elizabeth Mellen 

Contact department for office hours.

Public Policy
Anthony Levitas or Melissa Nicholaus 

Religious Studies
Daniel Vaca

Contact the Department of Religous Studies for office hours.

Slavic Studies
Fabrizio Fenghi

Carrie Spearin

Theatre Arts and Performance Studies
Kym Moore

Urban Studies
Dietrich Neumann and Howard Chudacoff

Contact the Urban Studies Program for office hours.

Visual Arts
Leslie Bostrom

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