Office of International Programs

Promoting Study Abroad Programs

The OIP feels that departmental support and promotion of study abroad is crucial to student participation.

There are a number of ways to promote study abroad to Brown students, and a member of the OIP team would be happy to meet with you to customize your approach and discuss Brown programs that would appeal to students in your classes.

General Strategies
  • Invite an OIP peer to spend 5 minutes at the beginning of your class to promote study abroad in a relevant geography or academic focus.
  • Offer an information session through OIP on a study abroad program.
  • Share relevant programs, dates, and deadlines through a departmental newsletter.  Reminders and frequent contact keep study abroad at the top of students' minds.
  • Post a "study abroad" link from your departmental website.  This link signals to students that they can study abroad if they concentrate in your academic area. 
  • Integrate student study abroad experiences and reflections into your own lecture; if you have advised a student on a Global Independent Study (GLISP), invite them to report on their findings during a relevant class. 

We appreciate your support of students who participate in global engagement through study abroad.  If you ever have questions, please email [email protected]

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