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Student account statements will be made available online only.  Students, please be sure that if you want others to be able to view your student account statement, you have to set them up as an authorized user. Download instructions on how to set up an authorized user.


Bills Viewable Online

Tuition Payment Due*


late June

August 1st



January 1st

*For non-Brown students participating in Brown/CASA programs the student may pay home institution or Brown directly depending on the institutional agreement. Contact your home study abroad office for more information. A study abroad staff member at your school will determine whether Brown should bill the institution directly or the student directly. All non-Brown students must submit a “Study Abroad Advisor Form” as part of the study abroad application. This statement dictates who should receive the bill.

For specific questions regarding your tuition bill and payment please visit the Bursar’s website.

Note for Brown Students participating in alternative programs:

Payment for instructional costs should never be paid directly by the student to another institution or program provider. Brown will pay for instructional and related academic programming costs under Brown’s Home School Tuition Policy.

The Brown student will pay all other costs, such as application fees, deposits, travel fares, vaccinations, room and board, health insurance, and books. If you’re not sure what is included in the program provider/host university’s “program fee,” please contact the program provider/host university directly. These programs will break down the bill so that they can bill the tuition and academic charges to Browns OIP and the other charges to the student.

If you receive a bill from a program provider/host university that includes instructional costs, he or she should inform the provider/host university that Brown’s OIP should be billed for that portion of the fees. The alternative program provider/host university should send bills for instructional and related academic programming costs to:

Madilyn Royer, Financial Analyst
Office of International Programs
Brown University
Box 1973
Providence, RI 02912

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