Office of International Programs

Airfare Assistance Program

The Airfare Assistance Program is intended to assist Brown students with demonstrated financial need who do not have the immediate funds to cover the costs of airfare for their study abroad program.  

The Airfare Assistance Program is not a scholarship program. 

The Airfare Assistance Program will cover the cost of your airfare prior to your study abroad semester and then bill your full flight cost to your Brown University student bursar account so that your financial aid could apply towards the airfare expenses.

Your full flight costs will be billed to you through your Brown student bursar account.  It is your responsibility to make sure your financial aid is in order to pay your flight charges by the University’s billing payment deadline. Brown will assess late fees if not paid in full by those deadlines. 

Eligibility Requirements

  • Must be accepted into a semester or full-year study abroad program (Brown/CASA, Approved Alternative, or Petition Program).  Students planning to study abroad on an Approved Alternative program or on a Petition program also must have received the necessary approvals from the OIP.  

  • Must have a high level of financial need, as determined and confirmed by the Office of Financial Aid.


  • Flights must be booked through the University-approved travel agency.

Application Instructions

  • Schedule an appointment with your OIP study abroad advisor to review the Airfare Assistance process.  Your advisor will confirm your financial aid status with the Office of Financial Aid.

  • If approved, you will complete the University’s Request for Direct Payment of Airfare/Train Expenses form with your study abroad advisor, and you will be given instructions on booking your flight through the University-approved travel agency

  • The cost of your flight will be charged to your Brown student account.
  •  Important: Due to the timing of credits and charges being applied to your student billing account, your airfare cost may be taken out after your financial aid refund is issued. Keep this in mind and check to see if the airfare costs have been applied to your account when requesting your refund; if the costs have not yet been applied, be sure to not overspend your refund!

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