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Paris University Course Information

Students choose four to six courses (usually five) from University of Paris course offerings and must take university courses totaling 24 ECTS (full year students must enroll in 32 ECTS during their spring semester.)  Actual course offerings typically are not posted until just before the semester begins, and final course registration takes place in Paris, under the guidance of the Brown in France resident director.

You will choose one or two universities from our partner insitutions before arriving in Paris (in May for fall semester students and in November for spring semester students).  This will be your definitive choice for the semester. 

Choosing Courses

French students take their courses in one department, or UFR (Unité de Formation et de Recherche) and have very few electives. If you have taken equivalent prerequisite courses, you will be able to choose among third-year Licence courses, referred to L3 (Licence 3ème année) in some departments or as S5 (for Licence, Semester 5 in the fall) or S6 (for Licence, Semester 6 in the spring) in others.  Classes at that level tend to be smaller, somewhat less impersonal and expect more student participation than introductory courses.  In some UFRs, you might be able to take courses at the L2 level, but it is not the general rule. M1 classes might also be open to you if you have taken the adequate prerequisite courses.  L1 courses should be avoided.


Art et archéologie

Etudes anglophones

SIAL: Service d'innovation pour l'apprentissages des langues 

FLE: Français langue étrangère

Géographie et aménagement


Langue Française

Littérature française et comparée

Musique et musicologie


Sociologie et informatique pour les sciences humaines



AES Economie et gestion

Arts, Philosophie, Esthétique

Culture et communication 


Institut d'études européennes

Mathématiques, informatique, technologies, Sciences de l'information et de la communication

Textes et sociétés


Etudes féminines et du genre

Littérature française

Science politique



Sciences de l'éducation, psychanalyse et communication / FLE

Territoires, Environnements, Sociétés

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