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Global Independent Study Project (GLISP)

Brown's Global Independent Study Project (GLISP) allows Brown students going abroad through any semester or year-long program to pursue a directed independent research project for credit. Such courses capitalize on resources in the host country that are not available in Providence. Students create the course under the guidance of a Brown faculty sponsor and bear primary responsibility for developing a course syllabus, a bibliography, and a compelling rationale for the study.

Choose a Topic

First, you need an idea.  Pursue a topic or subject that you want to spend time exploring. Identify potential faculty sponsors early in your process; professors tend to plan their semesters well in advance of students, and finding a faculty mentor is required. 

Find a Faculty Mentor

Based on your interest, seek out on-campus Brown faculty with teaching or research experience in their proposed overseas study destinations.  How? To jump-start this process, review Brown faculty who have demonstrated expertise in the country or topic through teaching, research or a combination of both.  Faculty Research Interests may help you identify potential mentors. 

Create a Project Proposal

Once you have a topic and a faculty mentor, schedule an appointment with an OIP advisor to discuss your ideas and your proposal, which must include a syllabus, a bibliography, and a full project description.

Submit your GLISP Application to OIP. 

Receive Academic Credit

Upon successfully completing the global independent study project, you will receive one Brown credit. The remainder of your course load abroad will be completed by courses taken through the study abroad sponsor institution.

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Our grant database offers a wide range of funding opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students, faculty, and researcher in different fields of work.

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