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Cars, Trains, Buses and Planes: A Cross-Societal Look at Transportation

Natasha and Shawn participated in the International Honors Program (IHP), from January - May 2012. They traveled to Washington D.C., USA; São Paulo, Brazil; Hanoi, Vietnam; and Bushbuckridge, South Africa to learn about the social and structural factors that contribute to people's health in a comparative format across all four countries in four continents.

In addition to the coursework and academic rigor of the IHP program, they took on a Global Independent study (GLISP) focused on transportation in each location.  Through a documentary film, Natasha and Shawn uncover how access to public and private transportation and the macro-level issues (policy pertaining to transportation, societal perceptions of transportation, etc.) affected individuals' day-to-day decisions regarding transport and their daily lives as well as those of the greater community. 

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