Office of International Programs

Petition Process

If you don't find a Brown or Approved Program that meets your needs, you may petition for approval of a different program. You are limited to one petition program application per semester.

All students are required to interview with a study abroad advisor prior to submitting a petition application.

Pre-Advisor Interview Checklist

  1. Complete the Petition Alternative Program Form electronically and print. 

  2. Download and print an internal transcript for your study abroad advisor.

  3. Meet with and obtain a written letter of support from your concentration advisor or a faculty member from the same department. The letter must indicate that the department fully supports your petition and that the intended program adequately correlates with your coursework and concentration. 

    Note: You must complete Step #3 even if you have not formally declared your concentration. If you have not yet declared your concentration, you will need to do so before going abroad.

  4. Explain in writing how the program you have chosen fits your academic needs better than other Brown and Brown-approved programs.

  5. Print program materials from the proposed program that will help that will help the OIP review committee make an informed decision 

  6. Confirm that the program meets Brown language requirements.

  7. Confirm that the program meets Brown foreign study guidelines and credit policies

After Submitting Your Petition Application

This preliminary application is just the first step in the petition process — your final petition application is subject to faculty review by the Committee on Academic Standing (CAS). Be sure to check your email frequently for communication from the OIP regarding your preliminary petition application.

Students whose preliminary petition application has been approved by the OIP will be asked to complete a formal application to study abroad through our online application system and must also apply to the program provider for admission to their program. 

Students whose preliminary petition application is denied will be assisted by an OIP study abroad advisor to consider available options.

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