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The National University of Singapore (NUS) is working in collaboration with Brown on a research exchange effort for summer 2013. Students who are selected to participate in this program will receive $2000 from NUS for research, which is provided through Santander funding.


While there may be some flexibility in the types of research that students pursue, sample opportunities (see project details*) have been identified as follows:

  • Development of Microbiochip for the Detection and Diagnosis of Cancer
  • Robotic Surgery System
  • Chinese Children's Cognitive, Psychological, and Health Well-being
  • Cost Benefit Analysis of Electric Vehicles
  • Study of Alternative Routes of EGFR Activation
  • Negotiating Migration and Precarious Work
  • Hardware-Software Partitioning
  • Fault-tolerance of FPGA
  • NoC Reliability Modeling
  • Physiological Osteochondral Interface Regeneration*
  • Nucleus Pulposus Regeneration*

You can identify projects and/or faculty members not listed in the documents by visiting the respective NUS faculty websites for the relevant information. 

NUS Websites:

Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences
Faculty of Engineering

Faculty of Science

School of Computing

School of Public Health

*Contact OIP for additional information

Application Process

Completed applications and questions should be emailed to Dana Pratt, Manager, Brown OIP.  Applications are due by February 22nd. Students are required to submit the following information:

  1. NUS Program Application Form  (Page 7/8 of Sure Information Sheet)
  2. Resume
  3. A copy of University transcript
    (First-year students must submit a letter from a faculty at their home university, stating the courses they have taken and grades given, in lieu of transcripts)
  4. A letter of recommendation from a faculty member

Grant Opportunities

Our grant database offers a wide range of funding opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students, faculty, and researcher in different fields of work.

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