Melanie Anderson, Fifth-Year Masters Student, Academic Coach

Hi! My name is Melanie Anderson, but you can call me Mel. I grew up in Michigan, about 15 minutes from the University of Michigan. I am concentrating in Biology because I am interested in learning more about how the human body functions in different atmospheres. I am planning to take my concentration in Biology further after Brown to medical school or physician's assistant school. Other than being an academic coach, I am a member of the Women's Ice Hockey team here at Brown. In my free time, I love to explore Providence and spend time with my friends.

As an advisor, I want to cater to each person individually. I understand that every person learns differently, and sometimes some guidance is needed to find it. I have personal experience struggling in academics in my first three semesters. I would love to help others find their path at Brown, not only in academics, but also in the community as a whole!


Alanna Brown, Second-Year Medical Student, Academic Coach

I grew up in Cleveland, Ohio. I concentrate in Literary Arts because I love to read and write poetry, but my other interests include medicine, biology, and yoga. Outside of being a coach, at Brown I work with the Love in Action tutoring program, Black Christian Ministries, and the Community Health Advocacy Program. My favorite spot in Providence is Sakura Restaurant on Wickenden Street. They have some of the best sushi I’ve ever had and I have many great memories there with my first year roommate. My favorite class so far has been my Poetry II workshop. My professor pushed me to create many pieces I am proud of, and I grew extremely close with my classmates by the end of the semester. My coaching style is an exploration of different study methods suited to each advisee’s academic needs and goals. My decision to be unafraid and to try new things at Brown has shaped me most. I have been able to learn so much about myself and find opportunities I never would have before. My best advice for a new Brown student is to not compare yourself to others, but to be your best self!


Kevin Chen, Fourth-Year Medical Student, Academic Coach and Graduate Student Coordinator

Hi, my name is Kevin, and I am from San Marino, California, a suburb of Los Angeles. I am currently a fourth-year medical student, but when I was an undergraduate, I studied Public Health and Statistics. My hobbies include browsing Reddit, watching basketball, playing video games, reading, and eating sugary goods. My favorite spot in Providence is India Point Park; the waterfront can be a nice place to walk around. My favorite class I have taken at Brown is Social Psychology (CLPS0700) because the class presents a lot of research that is relevant to our daily lives. My coaching style focuses on a student’s individual needs, as I recognize that we all have different priorities, strengths, and weaknesses. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to tackling coursework and finding success at Brown — we all have to find what “works” for us. The decision I made at Brown to serve as a Group Tutor has allowed me to not only better engage with the course material but also further develop my passion for teaching. One piece of advice I would give to Brown students is to keep an open mind and explore. Just because you have your heart set on studying one field does not necessarily mean you will not find another you find just as compelling.

Abby Contello, Senior, Academic Coach