It’s hard to ask for help - but more often than not, students find that they aren’t as comfortable at Brown as they thought they would be. Sometimes it’s a question of settling into college life; other times it’s approaching academics and work-life balance. The true difficulty lies in identifying which aspect of your college experience could benefit from support from external resources. Here, we’ve included the office hours of several deans that you can meet with to get support.



10AM - 1PM: University Hall or Sciences Library



1PM - 4PM: Swearer Center or Campus Center or Page-Robinson Hall


1PM - 4PM: University Hall or Swearer Center or Page-Robinson Hall





213 Univ. Hall (Adetunji)


228 Campus Center (Chang)



213 Univ. Hall (Dunleavy)





207 Univ. Hall (Dennis)


313 PR




201 Univ. Hall (Rome)





201 Univ. Hall (Cohen)


Swearer Center (Johnson)


201 Univ. Hall (O'Neill)





209 Univ. Hall 




310 PR (Lee)


206 Univ. Hall (Bhatacharyya)


Swearer Center (Hance)






213 Univ. Hall (Elie)


Swearer Center (Shimberg)


420 PR (Brostuen)



213 Univ. Hall (Cohee)