Grad Program

The CCMB offers a Ph.D in Computational Biology through either a Computer Science or BioMed focus to train the the next generation of scientists to perform cutting edge research in the multidisciplinary field of computational biology.  During the course of their Ph.D. studies students will develop and apply novel computational, mathematical , and statistical techniques to problems in the life sciences. 

The Ph.D. program in Computational Biology encompasses three individual training programs with a core of common requirements and specific requirements from individual departments of  Computer Science,  Molecular, Cell Biology & Biochemistry (MCB), and Ecology and Evolutionary Biology (EEB).  Applicants should state a preference for one of these three programs in their personal statement or elsewhere in their application.  In addition, students interested in the intersection of Applied Mathematics and Computational Biology are encouraged to apply directly to the Applied Mathematics Ph.D. program, and also to contact relevant CCMB faculty members.

Our PhD program assumes the following prerequisites: mathematics through intermediate calculus, linear algebra and discrete mathematics, demonstrated programming skill, and at least one undergraduate course in chemistry and in molecular biology. Exceptional strengths in one area may compensate for limited background in other areas, but some proficiency across the disciplines must be evident for admission.

How to Apply

The application process to the CCMB graduate program is run through the Graduate School. Application Deadline is January 3. You can apply directly from the website through their application page. Only materials submitted via the Graduate School online application portal will be considered.