“Integrating Genomic Data into the Electronic Health Record”

Wednesday, December 12, 2018


CCMB, Will Fairbrother

Watson Center for Information Technology (CIT)

CIT 241 Swig Boardroom

Dr. Nephi Walton
Genomic Medicine, Geisinger Health Systems

“Integrating Genomic Data into the Electronic Health Record”

As the era of precision medicine is upon us and more patients are having genetic sequencing performed, our health technology infrastructure remains largely inadequate in its ability to harness and utilize genomic data.  Of the gigabytes of information generated from sequencing one patient, the information that enters the clinical realm represents only a small fraction of the useable information and even that information is not stored in a way that it can be utilized electronically to support patient care.  There are many challenges surrounding the use of genomic data in the electronic health record. In this session we will address the challenges of providing clinical data in the EHR and how we can facilitate this data in the clinical workflow to provide information to both patients and providers to help manage care based on genomics. 

Hosted by Will Fairbrother