Concentration in Contemplative Studies

The Formal Concentration

The concentration in Contemplative Studies investigates the underlying philosophical, psychological, and scientific bases of human contemplative experience.  Students pursue a "third person" academic approach drawn from the humanities and sciences to analyze the cultural, historical, and scientific underpinnings of contemplative experiences in religion, art, music, and literature.  This is developed in combination with a "critical first-person" approach based in practical experience of contemplative techniques and methods to provide an integrated understanding of the role of contemplative thought and experience in societies and on the individuals who constitute them.  

Concentration Requirements (13 courses)

  1.  Five core courses: COST 0100 (Intro to Contemplative Studies); plus two approved introductory level courses in the sciences and two in the humanities.
  2. Depth: six courses within one of the following focus areas: 
    a. Sciences
    b. Humanities
  3. Breadth: One additional course beyond the two introductory level core courses outside one's chosen concentration track; this course may also be drawn from a range of courses in the Contemplative Creative Arts;
  4. Capstone Seminar that includes a Capstone Project.
  5. Honors: Students wishing to be considered for Honors in Contemplative Studies must have a 3.5 average in concentration courses, and their Capstone Project must be a two-semester Honors Thesis in the senior year.