Summer Intensive

Contemplative Studies Summer Intensive 

June 21 - August 7, 2015

An Introduction to Contemplative Studies
(H. Roth): TU/TH 1:30-5:20pm
Introduction to the new field of Contemplative Studies focusing on identifying methods human beings have found, across cultures and across time, to concentrate, broaden and deepen conscious awareness.  We will study what these methods and experiences entail, how to critically appraise them, how to experiene them ourselves, and how they influence the development of empathy, health, and well-being.  

Meditation and the Brain:  Applications in Basic and Clinical Science
(E. Loucks/J. Lindahl/W. Britton/C. Kerr): M/W 8:15am-12:05pm
This course draws upon the multi-disciplinary expertise of four instructors to provide a detailed exploration of recent neuroscientific research on meditation combined with guided first-person experiential learning in various meditation practices.  The course focuses on the cognitive, affective, and neurophysiological effects of meditation practices and their clinical applications in health, psychiatry and medicine.  Because of the science and psychology of meditation is largely derived from Buddhist meditation practices, we also carefully investigate the historical and philosophical contexts of traditional Buddhism, as well as the assumptions and agendas behind contemporary translations of Buddhist practices for the modern West.  We will identify persistent methodological challenges as well as the potential solutions for cutting -edge research that can emerge from an informed interdisciplinary perspective.

Science, Religion, and the Search for Happiness in Traditional Asian Thought

RELS 0570 |(H. ROTH) MW 1:30-5:20pm

The search for true happiness is as relevant today as it was 2500 years ago in South and East Asia.  What constitutes leading a rewarding and fulfilling life, according to the most recent research in neuroscience and psychology and to the ancient sages of India and China?  Can it be atained through satisfying the senses or the "spirit?"  Attained through self-indulgence or through self-denial?  This course will explore these issues through readings in classical South and East Asian works of the Buddhist, Confucian, and Daoist traditions and via recent scientific research on mindfulness and compassion. 


One Course: $7268
Two Courses: $10,776

Limited residences at Contemplative House available 

One Course: $3,746
Two Courses: $,7254


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