Roth Delivers Prominent Endowed Lecture at St. Lawrence University

October 12, 2012

On October 5, Professor Harold D. Roth, Director of the Contemplative Harold RothHarold RothStudies Initiative and Professor of Religious Studies at Brown University, gave the 2012 Kathryn Fraser Mackay Memorial Lecture at St. Lawrence University.  The lecture was titled "Contemplative Studies and the Liberal Arts."  

Past Mackay lectures have included a distinguished array of philosophers (including Hilary Putnam, Daniel Dennett, Alasdair McIntyre, Martha Nussbaum, and Thomas Nagel), scholars of religion (including Diana Eck, Wendy Doniger, and Jaroslav Pelikan), and public intellectuals (including William Bennett, Elie Wiesel, Christopher Hitchens, and Nobel Prize winning economist Amartya Sen).  For a complete list, visit the website at