The Creative Arts Council is made up of representatives from each of the arts units at Brown, plus the David Winton Bell Gallery and Rites and Reason Theatre.

Theatre Arts and Performance Studies

The Department of Theatre Arts and Performance Studies has a core of twenty faculty members, including six Clinical Appointments in the Brown/Trinity MFA Program in Acting and Directing. Many faculty members are engaged in practical theater arts (acting, dance, design, directing, playwriting) as well as in scholarship. The Department is distinctive for encouraging faculty and students to break down the theory/practice divide. The curriculum stresses a balanced and broad spectrum approach to performance and includes courses in history, literature, theory, writing for the live arts, choreography, directing, stagecraft, and design as well as modes of performance craft (dance, live art, acting, self-presentation). The Department hosts several strong graduate programs as well—a PhD in Theatre and Performance Studies and an MFA in Playwriting as well as the Brown/Trinity MFA Programs in Acting and Directing. Read about the Brown/Trinity Consortium Read about the American Dance Legacy Institute