The Brown Design Workshop aims to make the disciplines of creation and design more collaborative, open, flexible and accessible to all parts of campus. With new technologies, the opportunities have never been greater, nor more accessible for people of all skill-levels and backgrounds to engage in creative activities. These developments provide a unique opportunity to unite classroom and experiential learning. While Brown Design workshop is open for use by to anyone at Brown and RISD, it is also a key element in the overall re-envisioning of Brown University's School of Engineering.

To become a member of the BDW, come in and request to make an ID badge! It is that simple. Attending workshops grants access to autonomous use of the machines.

The workshop offers a range of tools and equipment for design and fabrication: small hand tools (hack saws, crosscut saws, screwdrivers, clamps, knives, tape, glue) as well as bandsaws, a chop saw, drill presses, track saw, scroll saw, Shopbot CNC, consumer-grade 3D printers, 32x18” laser cutter, sewing machine, soldering irons, and more.


Monday-Thursday: 1pm-1am.

Friday & Sunday: 1pm-10pm.

Saturdays: Closed.

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