Prof. John Cayley’s course uses the CAVE to expand how his students perceive text as an extension of language, both conceptually and virtually. Thanks to the CAVE, Prof. Cayley is able to create virtual worlds from text, allowing students to move through and around a virtual environment composed of the written word. In doing so Cayley’s students not only investigate new methods of interpreting text, but gain precious insights into the nature of text as it relates to language.


  • The CAVE

  • The Multimedia Labs


Prof. John Cayley has been teaching this course, both with graduate and undergraduate students, for several years and has collaborated with John Huffman and the CCV to transition the CAVE from its original home on George St. to the Granoff Center.



John Cayley’s Writing3D/Cave Writing classes have been a marquee course in Brown’s literary arts department, and forms the foundation of Brown’s Digital Language Arts program.


As a legacy tool the CAVE continues to require resources to maintain and improve the system. The MML has committed to working in concert with the CCV and BAI to continue improving the CAVE in order to ensure that it remains a powerful tool for students and faculty.


John Cayley’s work with the CAVE highlights the importance of maintaining and preserving legacy systems. Were it not for the intervention of John Huffman and the BAI, the CAVE would have been dismantled to make room for a new VR environment (the YURT). By intervening and preserving the CAVE, Brown now has two VR environments on campus allowing for more creative explorations of the technology.