Earth, Environmental and Planetary Sciences

Check out this awesome list of resources put together by Lavontria Miche Aaron (Ph.D. candidate in earth & planetary sciences at Johns Hopkins Univ). The list includes information on fellowships, scholarships, internships, GRE vouchers, free tutoring and more, with extensive information on program requirements such as gender, race, education level and citizenship status. 

In Celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the Apollo 11 Mission

Graduate Students in the Spotlight!

Watch Grad Student Ashley Palumbo speak at Brown's Research Matters event. 

Catch up with some of the research our graduate students are doing!

Our Graduate Program is rated among the top programs in the nation and the world. Our faculty members, nationally and internationally acknowledged leaders in their fields, engage in externally supported research which is defining the direction of inquiry for the next decade. Prospective grad students click here.

The Undergraduate students enjoy small class sizes in modern teaching facilities, and even in their first year have the opportunity to get involved in cutting-edge research.


Climate and Environment GroupClimate and Environment Group

Our department is known across the Brown campus as being open and friendly. Twenty-five faculty guide 80-90 undergraduate concentrators and 50-60 graduate students in a collaborative and fun learning environment.

On July 1, 2014 the Department of Geological Sciences became the Department of Earth, Environmental, and Planetary Sciences. The name change better represents the diversity of work done in the Department and more accurately reflects the character of the scholarship, teaching, and training in our Department. We believe that changing our name to the Department of Earth, Environmental and Planetary Sciences does justice to the balance of research and teaching of our faculty.