Economics offers one of the most popular concentrations at Brown, runs joint concentrations with Applied Math, Mathematics, and Computer Science, and offers courses important to numerous other concentrations, including BEO, International Relations, Public Policy, Education, and Environmental Studies. Economics is far broader and deeper in scope than most people think. Please view the links below to learn more about how the study of economics might align with your interests and aspirations.

Course requirements for the various concentrations offered in Economics:

Help with Course Selection:

  • The suggested sequence of courses is here.
  • The areas of study within Economics and the courses offered within each field are here.


For general questions about concentration requirements, the process of declaring, the professional track, transfer credits, etc. please see Angelica Spertini.

You must meet with a faculty advisor before your concentration can be approved. For advising matters other than delcaring a concentration, see first year, sophomore, transfer credit, first gen, or PhD track advisor. Please see an advisor during open office hours.

You may also seek out the peer advisors who can advise you on a range of things including course selection, honors, internships, being a TA, being a research assistant, etc.

The Econ DUG offers a number of different events through out the year. 

FAQ for potential concentrators

See this flyer for an overview of the Economics concentrations.

Concentration OverviewConcentration Overview


Life after Brown:

See the varied list of jobs that Brown Economics undergraduates take upon graduation.

Brown econ concentratiors interested in a PhD should read this link and speak with Faculty Advisor Jesse Shapiro.

You might be surprised to know the broad range of topics economists study!