Course Descriptions

Essential Questions Courses

At Brown Summer High School, we want to give students the opportunity to challenge themselves and think critically about questions that can open our eyes to new possibilities and ways of understanding and learning.

Brown Summer High School’s “Essential Questions” courses all begin with a big question that doesn’t necessarily have one right answer. As a student, you will have a chance to explore the question by studying it from a variety of perspectives. You will work individually, in small groups, and as a class. At the end of the course, you will have a chance to show others what you have learned, not by taking a test, but more creatively, in a way that you and your teachers design together.

Examples of “Essential Questions” from BSHS 2016 include:

  • What shapes our identities? (English)

  • What does it mean to be a student agent of change? (History)

  • How do we explain to others what we have discovered about our world? (Science)

All course content is new each year, so feel free to sign up for any class - even if you've taken it at BSHS before! Descriptions of 2017 courses will be available in the spring.

College Readiness

The Future is Now

While at Brown Summer High School, students will have the opportunity to hear from BSHS alumni about their experiences in the program and how it prepared them for life after high school. Students will hear from a diverse panel of college students about their pathways to and through college. Additionally, students and families are invited to hear college admissions professionals speak about the application process, how to choose a college or university that is right for them, and how to maintain a healthy lifestyle while in college. Each summer there is an optional evening visit to a college fair at Brown that is attended by hundreds of regional and national colleges. These experiences are in addition to the resources and mentorship that BSHS teachers can provide throughout the summer and beyond.