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Essential Questions Courses

Often, people have big questions on their minds. Questions like: What makes you step up to the plate and do something? Whose stories haven’t been heard in U.S. History? How can the design of living things be explained? Most courses in high school do not address such far-reaching questions. There is not enough time, there is too much material to cover, or it just doesn’t fit into one “subject area.” At Brown Summer High School, we focus on these big questions.

Brown Summer High School’s “Essential Questions” courses all begin with a big question that doesn’t necessarily have one right answer. You will have a chance to explore the question by studying it from a variety of perspectives. You will work individually, in small groups, and as a class. At the end of the course, you will have a chance to show others what you have learned, not by taking a test, but more creatively, in a way that you and your teachers design together.

2015 Summer Courses

2015 Essential Questions forthcoming

BSHS students will participate in two of the following courses:


History/Social Studies



All course content is new, so feel free to sign up for any class - even if you've taken it at BSHS before!

College Pathways Advisory

The Future is Now

Whether you are beginning high school or going to be a senior, Brown Summer High School's advisory program will provide you with a chance to map your way toward college. You will have the chance to meet with an advisor and a small group of students to consider and plan your future while on the Brown University campus. Families will be invited to participate in a college preparation seminar. Brown Summer High School will help you set and achieve goals, both academically and personally, during high school so that you can achieve your dream of going to college.

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