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Prof. Wong Quoted in Boston Globe Article

July 11, 2019

Professor of Education Policy Kenneth Wong has commented on the latest development regarding the future governance of Providence school district in a Boston Globe article, noting that he thinks Mayor of Providence Jorge Elorza is taking the right approach by showing he’s willing to give up some of his own power in order to improve the district. Wong told the Globe that it’s not easy for a mayor to detach from the school system because it makes up more than half of the city’s budget and said that if the mayor is signaling that he's willing to share the responsibility, key people must come together to form a plan for education reform.

Wong also said that Rhode Island must move quickly on the education reform it chooses to pursue, stating,

“They have to turn around something in a short period of time to send a message that this is a new era. If they really want to leave a legacy, here is the moment.”