The David Pingree Prize

The David Pingree Prize in Ancient Science and Intellectual History:
instituted by Isabelle Pingree and Brown University in 2011 to honor
the distinguished career of her late husband Professor David E.
Pingree, University Professor and Professor of the History of
Mathematics and of Classics at Brown University until his death in
2005. This prize will be awarded to the Brown undergraduate from any
concentration who presents the best paper in a given year dealing with
the rigorous intellectual traditions of the ancient and medieval world
and their textual sources (including mainly, but not only, Greek,
Latin, Sanskrit, Arabic, and Akkadian).
Department of home-administration: Classics.
Eligibility: Open to all Brown undergraduate students regardless of
Regular referees: The Senior Professor Sanskrit in Classics and the
Senior Professor of the Exact Sciences in Egyptology and Ancient
Western Asian Studies, with a deciding vote to be cast, in the event
of a split decision, by the Chair of Classics.
Award: $1000