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Undergraduate Research

Undergraduate Research

Undergraduate Teaching and Research Awards (UTRAs)

Karen T. Romer Undergraduate Teaching and Research Awards (UTRAs) support Brown students collaborating with Brown faculty on research and teaching projects during the summer or the academic year. Named for the dean who launched the program in the 1980s, UTRAs provide students with valuable academic experience that prepares them for graduate study and that contributes directly to course development at Brown. For more information on UTRAs, including application deadlines and answers to common questions please visit the UTRA site.

Recent UTRA Projects in Engineering

Students interested in the UTRA program are encouraged to reach out to faculty members to discuss potential projects and the applications process.

Project Title Faculty Advisor Term
Enabling Autonomous Flight of Drones in Complex, Unpredictable Environments Iris Bahar Summer 2014
Computational Model of Thalamic Neural Circuitry David Borton Summer 2016
Investigating the Viability of Decording Hind-Limb Kinematics Using Intracortical Local Field Potentials David Borton Summer 2017
Engineering After-school Curriculum as Expanded Learning Opportunities for High school Students Allan Bower Spring 2013
From Engineering Mechanics to the Hunger Games: the Engineering, History and Mythology of the Bow and Arrow Allan Bower Summer 2013
Hydrokinetic Energy Harvesting - Engineering and Environmental Considerations Kenny Breuer Summer 2015
Manufacture and Testing of Novel Energy Harvesting Methods in Fluids Kenny Breuer Summer 2013
Understanding Bat Flight Through Robotic Modeling Kenny Breuer Summer 2013
Stress in Patterned Thin Films Eric Chason Summer 2015
Understanding Tin Whiskers: Why They Form and How They Can Be Prevented Eric Chason Summer 2013
Engineering Collagen Microfibers for Cardiac Regeneration Kareen Coulombe Summer 2017
Increasing Electrical and Mechanical Maturation in Cardiac Tissue through Carbon-Nanotube Hybrid Scaffolding Kareen Coulombe Summer 2017
Inducing Collapse of Custom Designed Valveless Vessels to Promote Directional Flow Kareen Coulombe Summer 2016
Vascularization and Endothelial Cell Migration in Engineering Tissue Scaffolds Kareen Coulombe Summer 2017
Effect of Cell Cycle on ASC Surface Marker Expression Eric Darling Summer 2017
Alginate Hydrogels for 3D Cancer Cell Culture Applications Michelle Dawson Summer 2017
Quantitative Analysis of Collagen in the Anterior Cruciate Ligament Braden Fleming Summer 2017
Deciphering the Motility Machinery of Neutrophils Christian Franck Summer 2015
Evaluating Head Impacts of Different Helmet Designs Christian Franck Summer 2013
Computational Fluid Dynamics for Marine Propulsion Jennifer Franck Summer 2017
Design and Exploration of Hydrofoil Systems for Energy Harvesting Jennifer Franck Summer 2015
Formula SAE Car Team Aerodynamic Design and Research Jennifer Franck Spring 2015
Combustion Mechanics: Shock Tube Construction Franklin Goldsmith Summer 2014
Developing a Molecular Model to Predict Equations of States from Computational Quantum Chemistry and Machine Learning Franklin Goldsmith Summer 2016
Spira Engineering Camp: Infusing Engineering into the Lives of Providence Youth Karen Haberstroh Summer 2014
Construction of a split-bottom cell for granular flow experiments David Henann Summer 2015
Characterization of Grasp Sensory Feedback Using Brain-Computer Interface and JACO2 Robot Arm Leigh Hochberg Summer 2017
Software to Detect and Diagnose Neural Signal Instabilities in Intracortical Brain Machine Interfaces Leigh Hochberg Summer 2014
Graphene Oxide Membranes Robert Hurt Summer 2014
Emulsions Stabilized by Two-Dimensional Materials Robert Hurt Summer 2014
Mechanical characterization of composite biological skeleton fibers Haneesh Kesari Fall 2014
Design and Fabrication of an Atomic Force Microscope Compatible Fiber Flexing Device Haneesh Kesari Summer 2013
Experimental Analysis of Irreversible Brain-Ruga Deformations to Search for Causes of Delayed TBI Kyung-Suk Kim Summer 2015
BlindFind: An Indoor Navigation System for the Visually Impaired Ben Kimia Summer 2014
Design and Implementation of Stereoscopic Visual Odometry Module Ben Kimia Summer 2017
Fabrication and Applications of Thin-Film Piezoelectric Polymers (PVDF) Angus Kingon Summer 2015
Exploration of Controlled Mode Graphite Oxide Thermal Exfoliation Indrek Kulaots Summer 2015
Violent decomposition of graphene oxide-based materials: safety implications Indrek Kulaots Summer 2014
Advanced Methods of Retinal Imaging for Early Detection of Alzheimer's Disease Jonghwan Lee Summer 2017
The Search for Early Biomarkers of Alzheimer's Disease Jonghwan Lee Summer 2017
Modeling Meniscus Shape Due to Floating Objects Shreyas Mandre Summer 2013
Effect of Angle-Dependent Transmittance and Reflectance on Gaussian Beams Dan Mittleman Summer 2017
Terahertz: The Last Frontier Dan Mittleman Summer 2016
Optogenetic investation of the dopaminergic system in mice Arto Nurmikko Fall 2014
Study of simultaneous single cell resolution neural dynamics during transcranial magnetic stimulation using TMS-proof MEA based wireless neural recording system Arto Nurmikko Spring 2014
Breaking the 20% Efficiency Limit of Perovskite Solar Cells Using Plasmonic Concentrators Domenico Pacifici Fall 2015
Improving the Efficiency of Amorphous/Crystal Silicon Heterojunction Solar Cells Domenico Pacifici Fall 2015
Investigating Alternative Materials in Plasmonic Concentrator Absorption Efficiency and Manufacturing Cost Domenico Pacifici Summer 2015
An innovative approach to the synthesis of CZTS Solar Cell Materials David Paine Summer 2013
Na2Mn5O10 as a Promising Cathode Material for Sodium-ion Batteries Tayhas Palmore Summer 2015
Optimizing a Vitamin D Biosensor Tayhas Palmore Summer 2014
Bio-oil upgrading with reduced metal Andrew Peterson Summer 2015
A Cloud-Based System to Monitor and Control Performance and Power of Computing Infrastructure Sherief Reda Summer 2017
Energy-Efficient Computing Clusters for Cloud Applications
Sherief Reda Summer 2016
Distributed Chemical Sensing Networks Jacob Rosenstein Summer 2017
Electronic Circuit Design for Fabricating Nanopore Sensors by Dielectric Breakdown Jacob Rosenstein Summer 2015
Single Molecule Communications Channels Jacob Rosenstein Summer 2017
Image Analysis of Mechanical Degradation in Li-Ion Battery Cathodes Brian Sheldon Summer 2017
Stress Evolution and Surface Chemistry Effects in Lithium-Ion Battery Cathodes Brian Sheldon Summer 2012
A Novel Liposomal Formulation Targeting Opportunistic Fungi Anita Shukla Summer 2016
An effective implant coating using curcumin as an anti-quorum sensing agent for biofilm prevention Anita Shukla Summer 2015
Gellan-CENTA as a β-Lactamase Responsive Antimicrobial Hydrogel
Anita Shukla Summer 2016
Developing a Recording and Analyis Device to Capture and Classify Pain v. Non-Pain Induced Infant Audio Cries Harvey Silverman Summer 2017
Real-Time Acoustic Source Localization Using Microphone Arrays Harvey Silverman Summer 2017
Exploration of Alternative Methods for State Decoding of Neural Signals John Simeral Summer 2013
Vapor Intrusion of Soil and Groundwater Sources: An Evolving Environmental Concern Eric Suuberg Summer 2016
Iterative Closest Point Polygon Mesh Smoothing Gabriel Taubin Summer 2015
Magnetic Separation of Clinical Biomolecules Using a Novel Microchip Method Anubhav Tripathi Summer 2013
Optimizing Bead Transfer Efficience for an Immiscible Phase Filtration Separation Device Anubhav Tripathi Summer 2016
3D Printing Gelatin-Methacrylate (GelMA) Hydrogel Microfluidic Channels Ian Wong Summer 2015
Silk Hydrogel Microfluidics Using 3D Printed Pluronic Sacrificial Elements Ian Wong Summer 2016
Swarming Migration of Co-Attracting Epithelial Cells into Fractal-Like Clusters Ian Wong Summer 2017
A Wireless Networked Biophilic Lighting System for the Delivery of Lighting for Enhancing Secondary School Student Performance Jimmy Xu Summer 2015
Aluminum Alternative to Metal-Based Plasmonic Photocatalysis Jimmy Xu Summer 2015
Optimizing a New Approach to Fabricating Thin Film Transistors Alex Zaslavsky Summer 2015
Extracting Two-Dimensional Radiation Patterns from Wide-Angle Spectroscopic Images  Rashid Zia Summer 2016
Characterizing Chirality at the Single Molecule Level using Energy-Momentum Spectroscopy Rashid Zia Summer 2014