New Waves from Paris to Hollywood

FREN 1150G S01 [CRN: 15814]

“New wave” was coined by a journalist to refer to an “outburst” of filmmaking in France beginning in 1959. Never a movement, and short-lived in terms of whatever aesthetic uniformity it may have had, its effects spread across various European cinemas and became the emblem for a series of American filmmakers well into the 1970s. We will analyze work by a range of French and other cinéastes, in an attempt to understand what perhaps appears--from the current perspective--as one of the last gasps of “high cultural” production against the reality of corporate necessity and new forms of media. Taught in English. WRIT
Fall 2017
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14:30 - 15:50 Tue, Thu - from Sep 6, 2017 to Dec 21, 2017
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