Electives for Concentrations in French Civilization and French Language

This list is more than indicative, but it may not be complete.  Students may suggest any pertinent course to the concentration advisor for possible credit.  Not all courses are offered in a given year.   Where "pertinent topics" is indicated below, please confer with the concentration advisor for approval of specific sections. 

Civilization Electives

Afro-American Studies
1050, 1060: Seminar in Afro-American Studies (I and II) (pertinent topics)

1900: History of Anthropology
Comparative Literature
1210: Introduction to the Theory of Literature
1410: Studies in Drama (pertinent topics) 
1420: Studies in Narrative (pertinent topics) 
1430: Studies in Poetry (pertinent topics)
1810: Studies in the Literature of Ideas (pertinent topics)


1030: The Long Fall Of The Roman Empire
1040: Crusaders And Cathedrals, Deviants And Dominance: Europe In The High Middle Ages
1060: Late Renaissance And Reformation Europe
1070: Early Modern Europe From Religious Reform Through The Age Of Absolutism
1080: Slavery In The Ancient World
1090: Black Freedom Struggles Since 1945
1130: The Renaissance In Northern Europe
1180: The Rise Of The Scientific Worldview
1210: European Intellectual History: Discovering The Modern
1220: European Intellectual And Cultural History: Exploring The Modern, 1880-1914
1260: Modern European Women's History
1340: Modern France, 1870-1980

History of Art and Architecture
1120: Topics in Pre-Modern Architecture (pertinent topics)
1140: Topics in Medieval Art (pertinent topics)
1550Topics in Early History of Printmaking (pertinent topics)
1600: Topics in 17th-Century Art (pertinent topics)
1850: Topics in 20th-Century Architecture
1110: History of the Sign
1200: Special Topics (pertinent topics)
1500: Senior Seminars (pertinent topics)
1660: Seminar in Classic and Romantic: (pertinent topics)
1670: seminar in 20th-century Music (pertinent topics)
1680: Medieval Philosophy
1710: Continental Rationalism
1840: 20th-century Continental Philosophy
Political Science
1030: Modern Political Thought
Language Electives

Cognitive and Linguistic Sciences
1340: Introduction to Semantics
1342: Lexical Semantics
1310: Formal Semantics
1320: Introduction to Phonological Theory
1330: The Production, Perception and Analysis of Speech
131: Introduction to Syntax
1800: Language Processing
1650: Child Language Acquisition
1820: Language and the Brain 
1383 A, B, C: Topics in Syntax (pertinent topics)
1385: Topics in Language Acquisition  (pertinent topics)
2800: Topics in Cognitive Science (pertinent topics)

Comparative Literature
1210: Introduction to the Theory of Literature
1110: History of the Sign