PhD Alumni

Department of French and Francophone Studies Job Placement Record

The Department of French and Francophone Studies at Brown University has a very strong placement record for its graduates: of the 65 students who were granted doctorates between 1990 and 2015, 40 currently hold full-time academic positions at the college and university level in the US, Canada, and Europe: this includes 30 tenure-track appointments. Other graduates have made their careers in related academic or professional fields.

French and Francophone Studies Ph.D. Placement 1990-present


Marie Larose, Ph.D. 2021
Assistant Professor of French and Africana Studies
University of North Florida
Benjamin Fancy, Ph.D. 2020
Writing Center Coordinator, Princeton University

Brigitte Stepanov, Ph.D. 2020
Assistant Professor of French and Francophone Studies
Georgia Institute of Technology

Christopher Robison, Ph.D. 2019
Visiting Assistant Professor of French and Francophone Studies, Swarthmore College

Sonja Stojanović, Ph.D. 2017
Assistant Professor of French, University of Notre Dame 

Anne-Caroline Sieffert, Ph.D. 2016
Visiting Assistant Professor, Alfred University

Valentine Balguerie, Ph.D. 2015 
Assistant Professor, Modern Languages, Randolph-Macon College

Sarah Bernthal, Ph.D. 2015 
Lecturer, Fresno State University 

Sylvain Montalbano, Ph.D. 2014 
French Teacher, Newton Country Day School 

Joshua Blaylock, Ph.D. 2014 
Independent Scholar 

Yuri Kondratiev, Ph.D. 2014 
French Teacher, The French-American School of Rhode Island

Michael Clinton "Clint" Bruce, Ph.D. 2013 
Professeur adjoint, Département des sciences humaines, Université Sainte-Anne, Canada

Allison Fong, Ph.D. 2011 
Lecturer, Department of Language, Literature and Culture, Clark University

Pauline De Tholozany, Ph.D. 2011 
Assistant Professor of French, Clemson University 

Maria Moreno, Ph.D. 2010
Associate Professor of French, Mars Hill University 
Kathryn Chenoweth, Ph.D. 2009 
Associate Professor of French, Princeton University  

Sharon Larson, Ph.D. 2009 
Associate Professor of French, Christopher Newport University  

Elizabeth Ferreira, Ph.D. 2009 
Elected Member, New Hampshire House of Representatives 

Dorothy (Pendleton Helm) Arthur, Ph.D. 2008 
Adjunct Professor, University of Toronto  

Shahrzad Zahedi, Ph.D. 2008 
Associate French Faculty, MiraCosta College 

Adele Parker, Ph.D. 2008 
Visiting Assistant Professor of French, College of the Holy Cross  

Claudia Esposito, Ph.D. 2007 
Associate Professor of French, University of Massachusetts, Boston  

Jean François Fournier, Ph.D. 2007 
Associate Professor of French, Appalachian State University  

Heidi Brevik-Zender, Ph.D. 2006 
Associate Professor of French and Comparative Literature, University of California at Riverside 

Meadow (Dibble-Dieng) Hilley, Ph.D. 2006 
Visiting Scholar, Center for the Study of Slavery and Justice, Brown University 

Katharine Harrington, Ph.D. 2005 
Associate Professor of French, Plymouth State University  

Jean-Frédéric Hennuy, Ph.D. 2004 
Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor), University of Chester, UK  

Nanette Fornabai, Ph.D. 2003 
Senior Manager, PricewaterhouseCoopers  

Lisa Walters, Ph.D. 2003 
Adjunct faculty, University of Massachusetts, Lowell
Heather McCoy, Ph.D. 2003 
Teaching Professor of French and Francophone Studies, Pennsylvania State University  

Aaron Prevots, Ph.D. 2002 
Associate Professor of French, Southwestern University  

Marie-Chantal Killeen, Ph.D. 2001 
Professor of French Literature, Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford University, UK  

Nadia Sahely, Ph.D. 2001 
Professor of French and Francophone Literature, Baldwin Wallace University  

Eduardo Antonio Febles, Ph.D. 2000 
Associate Professor, Modern Languages & Literatures, Simmons University 

Christine Marie Gaspar, Ph.D. 2000 
French Teacher, Reading, Connecticut 

Ran-E Hong, Ph.D. 2000 
Educator, South Korea 

Seth Adam Whidden, Ph.D. 2000 
Professor, Queen's College, Oxford University, UK 
Thomas Armbrecht, Ph.D. 1999 
Associate Professor of French, University of Wisconsin-Madison  

Deborah Julie Hahn, Ph.D. 1999 
Teacher of French, Newton High School, Newton, MA  

Jacinta Wright, Ph.D. 1999 In Memoriam 
Lecturer, Dublin City University, Ireland  

Laurence Huughe, Ph.D. 1998 
Teacher of French, Milton Academy 

Robyn Brothers, Ph.D. 1997 

Laura M. Knowlton, Ph.D. 1997  

Anne Richardot, Ph.D. 1997 
Maître de conferences, Université de Lille 3, France
Valerie Key Orlando, Ph.D. 1996 
Professor of French and Francophone Literature, University of Maryland, College Park  

Angelina Overvold, Ph.D. 1996 
Associate Director of the School of World Studies and Associate Professor of French and Francophone Studies, Virginia Commonwealth University

Marjorie Salvodon, Ph.D. 1996 
Associate Professor of French, Suffolk University
Lucie Ashraf, Ph.D. 1995 
Adult Education Teacher, Study Hall LLC  

Jennifer Gage, Ph.D. 1994 
Professional Translator  

Felicia Kirk, Ph.D. 1994 
Headmistress, St Mary's School, Calne, Wiltshire, UK
Jody McQuillan, Ph.D. 1994 
Modern Language Faculty, Noble and Greenough School Dedham, MA  

T. Denean Sharpley-Whiting, Ph.D. 1994 
Gertrude Conaway Vanderbilt Distinguished Professor of French and African American and Diaspora Studies, Vanderbilt University  

Anna Klosowska Roberts, Ph.D. 1994 
Professor of French, Miami University, Ohio  

Eileen Angelini, Ph.D. 1993 
Professor of French, Canisius College  

Annabelle Cone, Ph.D. 1993 
Senior Lecturer of French, Dartmouth College 
Nathalie Rogers, Ph.D. 1993 In Memoriam 
Professor of French, Wellesley College 

Annie K. Smart, Ph.D. 1993 
Professor of French, Saint Louis University  

Debra Terzian, Ph.D. 1993 
Director of Academic Affairs, Office of Study Abroad, Boston University  

Carol Lee (Wilson) Slater, Ph.D. 1993 
Senior Lecturer of Foreign Languages and Literatures, Old Dominion University 

Marie-Dominique Boyce, Ph.D. 1992 
Lecturer of French, Fairfield University 

Sylvia Hatcher-Smith, Ph.D. 1992 

Ana-Maria Ramirez, Ph.D. 1992  

Scott R. Russell, Ph.D. 1992 
Micro Beer Brewer, Lebanon, NH  

Laurent Ditmann, Ph.D. 1991 
Assistant Professor of French, Georgia Perimeter College of Georgia State University  

Les Essif, Ph.D. 1991 
Professor of French Studies, University of Tennessee  

Deborah Jean Lee, Ph.D. 1991 
Lecturer of French, University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth  

Chiara Leone Ph.D. 1991 

Barbara Miskell, Ph.D. 1991 

Mary Snider, Ph.D. 1991  

Marie Lathers Ph.D. 1990 
Treuhaft Professor of French and Humanities, Case Western University

Gerard Lavatori, Ph.D. 1990 
Professor of French, University of La Verne, CA


Other Alumni

Michèle Respaut, Ph.D. 1979 
Professor of French Emerita, Wellesley College  

Gerald Prince, Ph.D. 1968 
Professor of Romance Languages, University of Pennsylvania