Department of German Studies

The Department of German Studies is a vibrant intellectual community with strong ties to the full range of critical inquiry that characterizes the humanities at Brown. It focuses its research and teaching on German-language literature, culture, and critical thought (from German Idealism and Romanticism to the Frankfurt School and beyond), with a comparative and transdisciplinary orientation. It offers both the B.A. and the Ph.D. in German Studies, affording its students – from beginning language learner to advanced doctoral researcher – the opportunity to combine their interests in the literary, cultural, and intellectual production of Germany, Austria, and Switzerland with a wide variety of complementary pursuits, including philosophy, aesthetics, history, music, cultural theory, psychoanalysis, and film, among others. The Department encourages this approach through its flexible yet rigorous curriculum; intense research and teaching collaboration with faculty in related Brown departments and partner institutions in Europe; rich and varied course offerings in both German and English; as well as attractive study abroad opportunities in Berlin and Tübingen.


FALL 2021 Course Listings now available in our Courses section and through [email protected]


Congratulations to Ethan Franzblau ('21) who has received a 2021-22 Fulbright Austria Award. The award combines an English teaching assistantship with research and study. Ethan's research will engage with Austrian-Jewish identity in light of the recent change to the Austrian Nationality Act in 2019, which provides for citizenship for descendants of refugees and victims of the Holocaust.