Eric Foster Bio

Eric Foster - Graduate Student
German Studies

Entered Brown Fall 2009

A native of the Pacific Northwest, Eric studied Germanics at the University of Washington in Seattle, receiving his B.A. in 2005. An abiding interest in the fundaments of language, specifically within the fields of socio- and anthropological linguistics, brought Eric to Western Washington University, where he was able to work as a tutor in both German language and linguistics while also pursuing research in the area of language contact, specifically within local environs of the university. Eric earned his B.A. in Linguistics in 2007. From 2007 to 2009, Eric worked as a graduate teaching assistant in German at the University of New Mexico and received his M.A. in German Studies in 2009. At UNM, Eric had the opportunity to work as a German instructor during the summer at the Deutsche Sommerschule von New Mexico in Taos, where he was able to satisfy his appetite for hiking in the northern New Mexican mountains.

Now in his third year at Brown, Eric’s academic interests include 18th century German aesthetics (including Winckelmann, Baumgarten, Meier, Lessing, and Herder), religious studies, hermeneutics, anthropology, and the philosophy of language (specifically works by Herder, Hamann, and Wilhelm von Humboldt). At Brown, Eric hopes to combine his interests in aesthetics, religious studies, linguistics, and anthropology to further pursue research on the interchange between religious and aesthetic experience.


B.A. in Germanics, the University of Washington, 2005

B.A. in Linguistics, Western Washington University, 2007

M.A. in German Studies, the University of New Mexico, 2009


Undergraduate tutor in German language and linguistics, WWU, 2006-2007

Graduate teaching assistant in German, UNM, 2007-2009

German language instructor, Deutsche Sommerschule von New Mexico, Summer 2009

Graduate teaching assistant, Brown University, 2010-present


Co-organizer, Graduate Student Conference on Fantastic Projections: Crisis, Memory and the Imagination, the University of New Mexico, 2009

Moderator, Conference on Who is this Schiller [now]? Friedrich Schiller 1759-1805-2009, California State University in Long Beach, 2009