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Healthy Brown FAQs for Graduate Students

Please visit the website for information on health and safety, testing, vaccinations, semester opening guidelines, research and travel, and community messages.


For information related to accessing health services, please see the Health and Wellness section of the Healthy Brown pandemic planning website. 

Is my health insurance valid outside of Providence?
Yes, students enrolled in Brown’s student health insurance plan should know that their plan covers care both domestically and internationally. UnitedHealthcare Choice Plus and United Behavioral Health Network are the provider networks. Please log in to Gallagher Student Health ( and click on “Find a Doctor” to search for a provider in the network. When making an appointment, you should always confirm that the provider currently participates in the network.

Can I access health insurance when outside the United States?
Yes. When outside of the United States, you will likely be asked to pay for your medical care first and will then need to submit for reimbursement. Covered Expenses will likely be reimbursed on an Out-of-Network basis. When you submit claims for reimbursement, you will need to have the itemized bill(s) translated into English and include a letter informing the claims administrator that you are seeking reimbursement for charges previously paid. Please ensure that your name, ID number, address (to receive your reimbursement check), and your school’s name are on the bill. Please review additional information on the Gallagher Student Health website, including the 2021-2022 Brown University Frequently Asked Questions.

Does my student health insurance cover COVID-19 testing? Does it also cover treatment?
Any testing for and treatment of COVID-19 will continue to be covered in the same way that any serious illness would be covered. In addition, the insurer has waived some out-of-pocket costs for defined periods. Please see Brown’s Insurance Office website for additional information as it relates to COVID-19 coverage.

Should you receive a bill for testing or treatment that you believe should be covered, please reach out to [email protected]. For the most up-to-date information, please consult the UnitedHealthcare Student Resources webpage directly; including Student FAQs.

Details on the plan and coverage can be found at Gallagher Student Health, which outlines the annual policy deductible, in-patient copays, emergency room copays, and the out-of-pocket maximum, which could apply, depending on the individual circumstances, as for any serious illness.

How can I get reimbursed for at-home COVID-19 test kits?
United Healthcare Student Resources is now covering the cost of Covid test kits as mandated by the Federal government. Students covered under the Brown University SHIP can purchase the test kits and submit the charges for reimbursement. Students can visit the COVID-19 Home Test Member Reimbursement webpage for further information on the coverage available for costs of FDA-authorized or approved over-the-counter (OTC) at-home COVID-19 tests purchased on or after Jan. 15, 2022, and for a link to the reimbursement form.


I am experiencing financial hardship. What are my options?
The Graduate School may be able to provide E-GAP Funding for graduate students with high demonstrated financial need to assist with emergent expenses. The application can be found in UFunds, listed under “Graduate School E-Gap Funds.” As always, we will give these requests the fullest consideration that our available resources will permit. 

Students may also apply for an emergency short-term loan of $500. Short Term Loans are available to graduate students who are currently enrolled at Brown, do not owe an outstanding short term loan, and are requesting funds to cover an emergency. These funds are not intended to cover tuition, fees, room, board, or other expenses that are charged to the student account. 

Eligible students may complete the Short Term Loan Request Form and set up an eRefund Profile at in order to receive the funds electronically. Students must repay all approved Short Term Loans directly to the Brown University Cashier Office before the end of the current semester.


International students considering personal travel should contact the Office of International Student and Scholar Services (OISSS) for general travel and re-entry information. Additional questions can be directed to the following contacts:

Whom should I contact for more information?
Please know that the Graduate School will remain open. We are able to meet with you virtually and/or answer questions via email at [email protected] or phone at 401-863-2600.