The Global Brown Center for International Students (GBC) was established in May 2017 within Campus Life in order to develop programming to support and engage our undergraduate and graduate international community, coordinate International Orientations, advise international student organizations/groups, as well as assist with advocacy initiatives. Formally known as ISE, our center's name changed beginning in August 2018 due to student feedback. The GBC also offers a comfortable space specifically for international students and student organizations.

GBC’s Vision: 

Global Brown Center for International Students seeks to build an equitable and diverse campus community that emphasizes intercultural dialogue, thus empowering future global thinkers and leaders. 

GBC's Mission Statement: 

The mission of the Global Brown Center for International Students is to serve and support the international student community at Brown. GBC provides orientations, programming, and resources through which students can embrace and celebrate their international identities, while also recognizing and appreciating the diversity of their experiences. Our center aims to foster an inclusive community and create a home away from home. Also, by raising awareness of Brown’s diverse student body, educating students on self-advocacy, and encouraging intercultural dialogue, we seek to promote an increasingly equitable campus community. GBC advances the university’s mission by empowering and enabling international students to thrive in all aspects of their lives at Brown.