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Important Dates & Deadlines for Students


August 25-26 International New Student Orientation


September 2 New Graduate Student Orientation
September 6 Applications due for Brown Graduate Resources for Improving Professional Structures (B-GRIPS)
September 12 Fulbright Fellowship initial application deadline (internal) at 4:30 pm
September 19 Research Matters! initial application
September 21-23 Fulbright campus interviews
September 23 Graduate Community Fellows application deadline
September 30 Programs enter student evaluations and appointment projections via GSIM
Date to be Set Effective Performance applications 


October 2 Brown final submission deadline (internal) for Fulbright Fellowship at 4:30 pm
October 15 Brown-Tougaloo Partnership Faculty Fellows Program application deadline (to teach during the spring semester)
October 29 CareerLAB Interactive Workshop on the Versatility of the PhD at 1 pm. 
October 30 Horace Mann Medal nominations to 


November 1 Deadline for students on leave to notify the Graduate School of a desire to return in the spring
November 1 Deadline for students on medical leave to submit materials for readmission, for spring semester, to the Office of Student Life
November 4 DAAD applications due to Associate Dean Thomas Lewis at 4 pm (internal deadline)
November 5 
Research Matters! Brief talks by doctoral students and postdocs
November 12 Graduate Career Options Conference (GradCON)
November 13*
Spring term bills generated
November 21 Application deadline for Brown Executive Scholars Training (BEST) Program  


January 3 Wintersession begins
January 23 Wintersession ends 


January 1 Spring term bill due date
January 11 Banner-based Application to Graduate open to students who expect to complete in May (Registrar's requirement)
January 15 Deadline for program to issue written evaluations to 5th-year students, clearly indicating whether or not program will support 6th-year funding
January 15 Effective Performance applications deadline
January 27 Brown/Wheaton Faculty Fellowship application deadline
January 30 Deadline for program nominations and for student applications for Deans’ Faculty Fellowship
January 30 
Interdisciplinary Opportunity program application deadline 


February 10 Open Graduate Education application deadline
February 15 Brown-Tougaloo Partnership Faculty Fellows Program application deadline (to teach during the fall semester)
February 19 Deadline for announcing Deans' Faculty Fellowships and Interdisciplinary Opportunity selections
February 24 Application deadline for Joukowsky Summer Research Award 

February 26 Deadline for rising sixth-year students to submit DCPs to their programs


March 10 Deadline for DEP applications for students who will be beyond the sixth year
March 10 
Program notifies Graduate School of sixth-year funding match option commitment and submits complete DCPs to the Graduate School 
March 17 Graduate School to notify students of sixth-year funding  


April 1 Nominations due for Faculty Mentoring and Advising Award
April 10 Nominations for Graduate Student Contribution to Community Life Award 


May 1 Deadline for students on leave to notify the Graduate School of a desire to return in the fall.
May 1 Deadline for students on medical leave to submit materials for readmission, for fall semester, to the Office of Student Life
May 1 Thesis and dissertation submission deadline
May 1 Deadline for graduate students to register to participate in Commencement (Graduate School requirement)
May 1 Deadline for students to submit Application to Graduate via Banner (Registrar's requirement)
May 16 Bills for summer-start programs, such as UEP and MAT are generated (aid entered before this date will be reflected)
May 27 Graduate School Commencement rehearsal and reception
May 28 Commencement


June 15* Fall term bills generated

*Tentative date