Advanced Spanish II

0600 [CRN: 24301]

Offers continued, advanced-level work in speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills, with focused review of challenging aspects of Spanish grammar. Course materials include films, music, art works, and a variety of written texts (articles, stories, plays, a novella, etc.) chosen to promote class discussion and in-depth written analysis. There will be individual and group activities, including in-class presentations and creative writing projects. Prerequisite: HISP0500 or placement: SATII scores between 670 and 740, Brown Placement Exam scores between 571 and 650, or AP score of 5 in language. Please check Hispanic Studies website (Undergraduate Programs) for course descriptions and placement information. Enrollment limited to 18. Pre-enrolled students must attend the first four days of class to maintain their pre-registered status and notify the instructor in advance if they must miss any day before the 4th class when the composition of the course section is finalized. If course is full, students should sign the wait list available in Rochambeau House, 84 Prospect St., Room 117 during the pre-registration period. Students with scores of 750 and above on the SAT II, 551 on the Brown Placement Exam, or 5 in AP Literature should consider offerings in the HISP 0730-0740-0750 range.
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