Valerie Miles Lecture

A Stranger in the Forest

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Lecture: 5:30PM

Rochambeau House, Music Room



A Thousand Forests in One Acorn is a book that culminates five years of work with of a team of advisors from around the Spanish-speaking world. Asking the question "what are your best pages" of writers with several decades of work and the most prestigious prizes in the Spanish language was not a simple exercise. The result is a personal portrait of the novelists in their study, a behind the scenes glimpse at how imagination and tradition have come together with language to create some of the most compelling pieces of literature of the late 20th and early 21st centuries. Paris, Faulkner and exile figure largely as primary influences on both sides of the Atlantic. And translation’s key role in renewing traditions is patently celebrated throughout, through the peculiar perspective of an American working in Spanish who has been building literary bridges through the languages in projects like Granta en español, New York Review of Books en español, and the Archivo Bolaño 1977 – 2003 exhibit that will open again in Madrid in March, 2015.

Valerie Miles is a publisher, writer, translator, and the co–founder of Granta en español. She has also published a selection of the New York Review of Books Classics collection in Spanish, and in 2013 was voted one of the "Most Influential Professionals in Publishing" by the Buenos Aires Book Fair. In 2013, she curated the the Archivo Bolaño 1977 – 2003 exhibit in Barcelona, set to reopen in Madrid in March 2015.