Spring 2023 Office Hours

Laura Bass

Chair, Associate Professor

Th 3-5pm or by appt.

Michelle Clayton
Associate Professor

W 1:30-3:30pm or by appt. 

Eva Gómez García

On leave

Alani Hicks-Bartlett

Assistant Professor


Andrew Laird
John Rowe Workman Distinguished Professor of Classics and Humanities, Professor of Hispanic Studies


Felipe Martínez-Pinzón
Associate Professor
Director of Graduate Studies

W 2-4pm or by appt.

Iris Montero
Assistant Professor
Director of Undergraduate Studies

T 1-3pm

Julio Ortega

M 11am-12pm or by appt.

Nidia Schuhmacher
Senior Lecturer

Th 2-4pm or by appt.

Silvia Sobral
Senior Lecturer 

W 11am-1pm

Sarah Thomas
Associate Professor

On Sabbatical

Mercedes Vaquero

T 2-4pm

Esther Whitfield
Associate Professor

M 10am-12pm


Visiting/Affiliated Faculty

Erica Durante 
Visiting Associate Professor of Latin American & Caribbean Studies
[email protected]

Jeremy Lehnen
Visiting Associate Professor of Portuguese & Brazilian Studies, Gender & Sexuality Studies, and Executive Director of Pembroke Center
[email protected]
Leila Lehnen
Associate Professor & Chair of Portuguese & Brazilian Studies
[email protected]
Ralph Rodríguez
Professor of American Studies and English
[email protected].edu
Neil Safier
Associate Professor of History
[email protected]
Jill Kuhnheim
Visiting Professor

[email protected]

M 1-2pm W 10-11am or by appt.

Jill S. Kuhnheim is a Professor Emerita from the University of Kansas and a Visiting Professor in Hispanic Studies at Brown University.  Her areas of interest include contemporary Latin American literature, particularly poetry; gender and feminist studies; and healthcare humanities in a Latin American context. Her most recent books include Teaching Modern Latin American Poetries (MLA Press, 2019 coedited with Melanie Nicholson) and Para vivir con salud: Leyendo la salud y la literatura, an Open Access Educational Web book co-authored with Kathryn J. McKnight, available athttps://opentext.ku.edu/paravivir/

Neus Vila
Visiting Lecturer

[email protected] 

T & Th 9-10am or by appt.

Florencia Chiaramonte
Dean Faculty Fellow
M 11am-1pm

Adrián Emmanuel Hernández-Acosta

Postdoctoral Research Associate in International Humanities

[email protected]

T 3-5pm  or by appt.

Emeriti Faculty
Antonio Carreño
[email protected]
Frank Durand
[email protected]
Beth Bauer
[email protected]
Tori Smith
[email protected]
Stephanie Merrim
[email protected]