Transatlantic Project

The Transatlantic Project at Brown is an academic initiative dedicated to research, teaching and colloquia on the cultural and intellectual history of exchange, dialogue and debates between Spain and the Americas. Based in Brown’s Department of Hispanic Studies, the Transatlantic Project also draws faculty and graduate students from Comparative Literature, English, Portuguese and Brazilian Studies, French as well as the social sciences.  It also includes interested faculty from Dartmouth College, Harvard, Boston U., Yale, NYU, and colleagues from other American, European and Latin American universities and research centers. The Project started in 1995 with a series of colloquia with colleagues from Cambridge University. It has been supported by the Brown President's Office, the Office of the Dean of the Faculty, the Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies, and also by Mexican, Chilean, and Spanish universities. 

Six bi-annual international conferences have taken place at Brown and, with our participation, other conferences have been organized by universities in Havana, Puerto Rico, Madrid, and Lima.