Courses for Summer 2016

  • The American Civil War

    An examination of the American Civil War and related topics in international law, international relations, and popular culture (this is not purely a course on military history). Students will learn about the American Civil War in a global context while also learning to analyze documents of different genres; and learning to make optimal use of online databases. The course assumes no background knowledge, yet it acknowledges that students may have a strong background in U.S. history, so it focuses especially on topics of current relevance that fall outside of typical history courses--international conflict and international law in particular. WRIT
    HIST 0252 S01
    Primary Instructor
  • The Romans

    The Romans established the only successful pan-Mediterranean empire in history, lasting nearly 1,000 years, with its legacy living everywhere today, from the U.S. Constitution to the English alphabet. Who were these people? How did they ever conquer and maintain such a vast territory and for so long? And what did it mean to be a Roman? This course explores these basic, yet difficult questions, from the founding of the city in 753 BCE to its fall in 476 CE. We will confront the opinions of ancient authors directly, to critically assess the Romans' own perceptions of their society and history.
  • Evil: The History of an Idea

    This course considers how individuals and societies have constructed the idea of evil. We examine evil’s origins in religious traditions and review how those interpretations have been deployed and how the concept of evil has changed over time. Is it possible to offer a universal definition of evil? Is it true that “When a woman thinks alone, she thinks evil?” Does evil exist in “the Other” or oneself? To answer these questions, we engage in activities and discussion about sin, hell, pacts with the devil, witches, torture, lynching, genocide, psychopaths, empathy, and representations of evil in music, literature, and film.
    HIST 0770 S01
    Primary Instructor
  • Reading and Research

    Section numbers vary by instructor. Please see check Banner for the correct section number and CRN to use when registering for this course.
    HIST 2910 S01
    Primary Instructor
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    I: Independent Study/Research