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  • Shiuon Chu (East Asia) Visiting Instructor, Hamilton College
  • Patrick Chung (Modern US) Assistant Professor, University of North Florida
  • Zoe Ann Griffith (Middle East) Lecturer, University of California, Berkeley
  • Sandra Haley (Latin America) Visiting Assistant Professor, Brown University
  • Wanda Henry (Early Modern Europe) Visiting Assistant Professor, Brown University
  • Justina Hwang (Latin America)
  • Liise Lehtsalu (Early Modern Europe) Honorary Research Fellow (University of East Anglia); Research Development Office, EURAC
  • Isadora Moura Mota (Latin America) Assistant Professor, University of Miami


  • Bryan Brinkman (Ancient), Lecturer, Loyola Marymount
  • Zachary Dorner (Early Modern Britain), Lecturer, Stanford University
  • Rachel Gostenhofer (Early Modern Europe), Freelance writer
  • Ben Holtzman (Modern US) Lecturing Fellow, Thompson Writing Program, Duke University
  • Joseph M. Kurz (Ancient) Department of Social Studies, Francis Parker School, San Diego
  • Adam M. Sacks (Early Modern Europe) Assistant Professor, FLAME University
  • William Tatum (Early US) Historian, Duchess County, NY
  • Jennifer Wells (Early Modern Britain), Postdoctoral Fellow, USC


  • Adam [Sam] Boss (Medieval Europe), Coordinator of Community-Engaged Learning at the Harward Center for Community Partnerships, Bates College
  • Jonathan Gentry (Early Modern Europe) Assistant Professor, History, Kennesaw State University
  • Celeste Han (Early US), Independent Researcher
  • Bryan Knapp  (Modern US) Visiting Asst. Professor, Connecticut College
  • Michele Mericle (Latin America) Senior Consultant / Freelance Writer, Winthrop Group
  • Laura Perille (Early Modern Britain) Assistant Dean of Fellowships, Georgetown University
  • Lindsay Schachenbach Regele (Early US) Assistant Professor, Miami University of Ohio
  • John Rosenberg (Modern US)
  • Elizabeth Searcy (Modern US)


No degrees awarded.


  • Stephen Chambers (Early US) Senior Consultant, Deputy Manager History Division, Winthrop Group
  • Sonja Glaab (Modern Europe), Research Consultant, Publicom AG
  • Christopher Lamberti  (Modern US) Organizing Coordinator, Researcher, Workers United
  • Daniel M. Loss (Modern Europe) Lecturer, Harvard University
  • Amy Marshall (Modern East Asia) Assistant Professor, Florida International University
  • Julia F. Timpe (Modern Europe) Lecturer, Universitat Bremen


  • William C. Brucher (Modern U.S.) Instructor, Labor Studies, Rutgers University
  • Nicole Eaton (Modern U.S.) Lecturer, Harvard University
  • Sarah C. Fingal (Modern U.S.) Assistant Professor, Michigan State University
  • Jonathan Hagel (Modern U.S.) Lecturer and Academic Program Associate, University of Kansas
  • Stephen M. Higa (Medieval Europe) Visiting Assistant Professor, Bennington College
  • Kevin A. Hoskins (Modern U.S.) Lecturer, University of Massachusetts-Boston
  • Jooyoung Lee (Modern U.S.) Research Professor, Gangneung-Wonju National University
  • Elizabeth S. Meloy (Modern Europe) Lecturer, Barrett Honors College, Arizona State University
  • Daphna Oren-Magidor (Early Modern Britain) Martin Buber Society of Fellows in the Humanities and Social Sciences, Hebrew University of Jerusalem
  • Shih-Chieh Su (Modern Europe) Assistant Professor, Delaware Valley College


  • Christopher Barthel (Modern Europe) Senior Manager for Academic and Public Programming, Center for Jewish History
  • Caroline Cortina (Modern U.S.) Senior Program Officer, National Endowment For the Humanities
  • Lara K. Couturier (Modern U.S.) Director, Higher Education Policy, HCM Strategists
  • Thomas C. Devaney (Medieval Europe) Assistant Professor, University of Rochester
  • Elisa Gollub (Modern Europe) Program Officer, Jewish Community Federation
  • Oded Rabinovitch (Early Modern Europe) Lecturer, Tel-Aviv University
  • Gabriel N. Rosenberg (Modern U.S.) Assistant Professor, Women’s Studies, Duke University
  • Emily Wicken Brimsek (World) History Field Specialist, National Center on Education and the Economy


  • Erik Anderson (Modern US) Assistant Professor, San Antonio College
  • Shih Chieh Lo (China) Assistant Professor, National Taiwan University
  • Paige Meltzer (Modern U.S.) Director of the Women's Center and Part-Time Affiliated Lecturer, Wake Forest University
  • Mo Moulton (Modern Britain) Lecturer, University of Birmingham
  • Erica J. Ryan (Modern U.S. and Women's History) Associate Professor, Director, Gender and Sexuality Studies Program, Rider University
  • Derek Seidman (Modern U.S.) Assistant Professor, D'Youville College
  • Stacie Taranto (Modern U.S. and Women's History) Associate Professor, Ramapo College


  • Farid M. Azfar (Early Modern Britain) Assistant Professor, Swarthmore College
  • Samuel L. Brenner (Modern U.S.) Associate, Ropes & Gray LLP, Boston, MA
  • Douglas R. Burgess (Early Modern Britain) Assistant Professor, Yeshiva University and Cardozo School of Law
  • Lauren N. Faulkner (Modern German) Limited Term Assistant Professor, Simon Fraser University
  • Sheyda Jahanbani (Modern U.S.) Assistant Professor, University of Kansas
  • Christopher L. Jones (Modern U.S.) History Instructor, Philips Academy, Andover
  • Marisela Ramos (Modern Latin America) History Instructor, Philips Academy, Andover
  • Mark W. Robbins (Modern U.S) Associate Professor, Del Mar College
  • Ling Shiao (Modern China) Assistant Professor, Southern Methodist University


  • Caroline Boswell (Early Modern Britain) Associate Professor, University of Wisconsin, Green Bay
  • Kelly Colvin (Modern Europe) Visiting Assistant Professor, Brown University
  • Matthew W. Dunne  (Modern U.S.) Instructor of Political Science and History, Housatonic Community College
  • Thomas P. Jundt (Modern U.S. and Environment) Independent Scholar
  • James Kabala  (Modern U.S.) Adjunct Professor, Rhode Island College
  • Anna Manchin (Modern Europe) Independent Researcher
  • Tshombe Miles (Modern Latin America) Assistant Professor, Baruch College
  • Coree A. Newman (Medieval Europe) Associate Director, Residential Education, Washington State University
  • Andrew J. Romig (Medieval Europe) Associate Professor, New York University
  • Hongjie Wang (China) Associate Professor, Armstrong State University
  • Jason C. White (Early Modern Britain) Assistant Professor, Appalachian State University
  • Jennifer Wilz (Modern Europe) Executive Director and Academic Tutor, Huntington Learning Center
  • Catherine Worley (Modern Europe) Lecturer in Western Culture, Hampden-Sydney College


  • Richard Canedo (Modern U.S.) History Teacher, Hill Charter Public School
  • James Meyer (Russia/Middle East) Associate Professor, Montana State University


  • Ilyana Karthas (Modern Europe) Associate Professor, University of Missouri
  • Steven Seegel (Modern Russia) Professor, University of Northern Colorado
  • Sarah Yeh (Early Modern Britain) History Department Head, Concord Academy


  • Robert Fleegler (Modern U.S.) Instructional Assistant Professor, University of Mississippi
  • Shiho Imai (Modern U.S.) Associate Professor, SUNY – Potsdam
  • Matthew Kadane (Early Modern Britain) Associate Professor, Hobart and William Smith Colleges
  • Glen Lafantasie (Civil War U.S.) Richard Frockt Family Professor of Civil War History and Director, Western Civil War Center, Western Kentucky University
  • Keren McGinity (Modern U.S.) Director, Interfaith Families Jewish Engagement, Hebrew College
  • Emily O'Brien (Early Modern Europe) Associate Professor, Simon Fraser University
  • Alexandru Vari (Modern Europe) Associate Professor, Marywood University
  • Daniel Williams (Modern U.S.) Professor, University of West Georgia
  • Leigh Yetter (Early Modern Britain) Senior Director, Strategy and Operations, McGill University


  • Brian Bockelman (Modern Latin America) Associate Professor of History, Ripon College
  • Andrew Huebner (Modern U.S.) Associate Professor, University of Alabama
  • Matthew Sneider (Early Modern Europe) Associate Professor, University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth
  • Francesca Trivellato (Early Modern Europe) Barton M. Biggs Professor of History, Yale University
  • James Woodard (Modern Latin America) Associate Professor of History, Montclair State University


  • Patricia Cowan (Modern China) Adjunct Faculty, Rhode Island School of Design
  • Christopher Frazer (Modern Latin America) Assistant Professor, St. Francis Xavier College Canada
  • Shelley Drake Hawks (Modern China) Adjunct Faculty, Middlesex Community College; Visiting Lecturer, Mount Holyoke College
  • Tia Malkin (Modern Latin America) Assistant Professor, Lebanon Valley College
  • Joshua Marshall (Early America) Publisher and Founder, Talking Points Memo
  • Alan Petigny (Modern U.S.) Assistant Professor, University of Florida
  • Harry Rothschild (China) Assistant Professor of Asian History, University of North Florida


  • Friederike Baer (Early America) Associate Professor, Penn State Abington
  • Charles Beatty-Medina (Colonial Latin America) Associate Professor, University of Toledo
  • Liam Brockey (Early Modern Europe) Professor of History, Michigan State University
  • Penelope Brownell (Modern U.S.) Lecturer, Edmunds Community College, Washington
  • Nathaniel Frank (Early America) Director, What We Know Project, Columbia Law School
  • Andrew Gentes (Russia) Lecturer, University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia
  • Kurt Graham (Early America) Director, Harry S. Truman Presidential Library and Museum
  • David  Hamlin (Modern Europe) Associate Professor, Fordham University
  • Benjamin Klein (Early Modern Britain) Lecturer, Cal State University East Bay
  • James  Sparrow (Modern U.S.) Associate Professor, University of Chicago
  • Joshua Zeitz (Modern U.S.) Vice President of Corporate Marketing and Communications at AppNexus; Contributing Editor, Politico


  • Margaret Crosby-Arnold (Modern Europe) Adjunct Associate Research Scholar, Blinken European Institute of Columbia University
  • Cheng-Hua Fang (China) Professor, National Taiwan University