pst LWT Robinson.jpgPhD Candidate


Advisor: Robert Self

Research Interests: Twentieth-century US war and society, medical, labor, and intellectual history. More broadly I am interested in scholarship aimed at the advancement of peace.

Dissertation: Military Medicine, Morale, and the Management of Men: Affective Labor for Worker Control in the Early Twentieth-Century United States

Research Summary: "My dissertation argues that US military medical practitioners are important and underappreciated contributors to the scientific management of labor in the United States’ high imperial period. The seminal affective labor practices employed by military medical officers, critical to the era’s statecraft, also ushered in a shift in workplace discipline. Their focus on affect and its role in worker control led military medical officers to develop and advance the concept of morale within the Army during WWI. Industrial labor managers exported this concept into the industrial workforce as a management technology during the Interwar period. The project also explores anti-war resistance utilizing strategies of labor resistance."