Ph.D. StudentMaximilian Conley1.jpeg
Advisor: Bathsheba Demuth
Research Interests: Nineteenth-century US History, Environmental History, Energy History, the Pacific World, Racial Capitalism and Extractivism, World-Ecology, Eco-Marxism

I study the environmental history of capitalism, particularly in the nineteenth-century United States and global Pacific. I am interested in transdisciplinary and consilient approaches to history, integrating work done in Marxist environmental social sciences and world-ecology, racial capitalism, marine and earth systems sciences, food studies, evolutionary history, and “new” materialisms to understand extractivist energy regimes within the nineteenth-century Pacific. More broadly, I am also concerned with radical anticapitalist scholarship-activism related to global warming and ecosocialism. As an undergraduate, I studied Japanese environmental history and wrote my senior thesis on Japan’s history with outer space.