Current PhD Students by Primary Field of Study

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South Asia | History of Science, Technology, Environment, and Medicine (STEaM) United States


Sam Caldis
My research focuses on the relationship between brotherhood, statehood, and violence in the Roman Empire.
Primary Advisor: Jonathan Conant

Emily Salemi
I am interested in the implications of ancient tombstones, particularly those that express contradictory ideas or identities.  I plan to research tombstones that express a negative belief in the afterlife through first person inscriptions for my dissertation.
Primary Advisor: Graham Oliver

David J. Thomas
Greek History, Roman History, Religion and Civic Identity, Imperialism, Social History, Epigraphy
Primary Advisor: John Bodel


Devon Newhouse
Devon Newhouse studies migration within the Portuguese empire with a focus on the movement from Portuguese India to Africa. 

Atlantic World

Sherri Cummings
I am interested in the African Atlantic, early African American history and Africana intellectual thought, during the seventeenth to nineteenth centuries,  intersecting themes (but not limited to) of trauma, slavery, childhood and law.
Primary Advisor: Roquinaldo Ferreira

Marley-Vincent Lindsey
Marley-Vincent Lindsey primarily works on the transformation of class consciousness among the Nahua in sixteenth-century New Spain, and is secondarily interested in the connections between fifteenth-century Iberia and its influence on the religious and political formation of Spanish colonial society.
Primary Advisor: Robert Douglas Cope

(Anne) Brooke Grasberger
My interests are in the spiritual lives of sailors, and particularly what combinations of what is deemed superstition or folklore and what is deemed religion occurred in the unique physical and metaphysical space of the ship at sea. More succinctly: what does the sea do to people, and what do people see in it?
Primary Advisor: Linford Fisher

East Asia

Yu-chi Chang
Nation-building and nationalism of China, Intellectual History, Political Culture, Book History.
Dissertation: "Imagining the Loss: Maps, Geographic Knowledge, and the Formation of Modern Chinese Nation-State"
Primary Advisor: Rebecca Nedostup

Shiuon Chu
As a historian of modern China, my research focuses on the interaction of state power and transnational knowledge production. In my dissertation “The Fifth Great Chinese Invention: Examination and State in Twentieth Century China and Taiwan”, I trace the modern and transnational origins of the authority of examination as an institutional solution to political and social problems.
Dissertation: “The Fifth Great Chinese Invention: Examination and the State in Twentieth Century China and Taiwan”
Primary Advisor: Rebecca Nedostup

Keegan Cothern
Modern Japan and East Asia as a whole; environmental history and natural disasters; science and technology; urbanization; GIS
Primary Advisor: Kerry Smith

Yu-cheng Shih
Yu-cheng Shih specializes in modern East Asian history, focusing on maritime community, immigration, local historical memory, folk religion, and cold war, as well as the legacy of Japanese colonization in China and Taiwan.

Medieval Europe

Leland Grigoli 
I am interested in paleography, medieval monks, mapping, and the links between religious institutions and secular power within Europe in the long twelfth century.
Primary Advisor: Amy Remensnyder

Charles Carroll 
Masculinity, Heresy, Gregorian Reform, religious culture in High Medieval France
Primary Advisor: Amy Remensnyder

Stacey Murrell
Stacey Murrell studies Medieval Iberia and North Africa, with particular interest in the relationship between gender/sexuality + power and the political and social implications of concubinage. She takes an interdisciplinary approach to history, and her previous research has examined funerary monuments, material culture, manuscripts, and literary texts.

Ayse Topaloglu
Italy, History of Violence and Crime
Primary Advisor: Amy Remensnyder

Early Modern Europe

Amiri Ayanna
Amiri's research focuses on women's agency and German vernacular authorship in the long fifteenth century.  She examines laywomen's and monastic authors' writing and in the vernacular to understand how both groups of writers appropriated well-known and seemingly normative devotional genres to give voice to personal, familial, civic, and religious concerns within the narrative framework of Christian salvation.
Dissertation:  “Reconsidering Gender and Genre: German Women Writers and their Readers, 1400-1550”
Primary Advisor: Caroline Castiglione

Christopher Gillett
Early Modern Britain and Ireland, Religious History, Early Modern European History, Political Crises in 17th Century Britain and Ireland
Primary Advisor: Tim Harris

Tamar Golinsky
Primary Advisor: Tara Nummedal

Talya Housman
Early Modern Britain and Ireland, Women and Gender, Religious and Ethnic Identity
Primary Advisor: Tim Harris

Mayer Juni
Europe and the Atlantic World; cultural exchange, alterity and belonging; migrants and cultural and social boundaries
Primary Advisor: Adam Teller

Yekai Zhang
Yekai Zhang studies early modern Britain and Ireland, with particular focus on people’s experience of crisis and conflicts, the changes and continuities, and the global expansion under the Stuarts.

Modern Europe

Filip Metro Anchidim Ani
Genocide, War Crimes, Holocaust, Nationalism, Ethnicity, Modernism, Literature, Poetry, Philosophy 
Primary Advisor: Omer Bartov

Anna M. Borejsza-Wysocka
Inter-ethnic Relations, Minorities and the State, Modern East Central Europe especially Poland
Primary Advisor: Omer Bartov

Jisoo Hong
Jisoo Hong studies the history of oil in the former Soviet Union. Particularly, she is focusing on the rise of oilmen since the 1960s, in which oilmen reimagined the political economy of the Soviet Union through oil and transformed their country into a global “petro-state.”

Amy Kerner
Posen Foundation bio
Histories of European modernism, multilingualism and language politics, nationalism, Jewish diaspora cultures.
Dissertation: "Heritage and Loss: The Fate of Yiddish in Buenos Aires"
Primary Advisor: Michael P. Steinberg

Harry Merritt
Harry's research interests center nationalism, collective identity, interethnic relations, and the impact of war on society, with a current research focus on the Latvian experience of World War II.
Dissertation: "For the Homeland, Against Each Other: Latvian Soldiers in Nazi German and Soviet Service in World War II"
Primary Advisor: Omer Bartov

Judith Smith
My research interests include the history of Internationalism (especially in the late 19th century through interwar period), Interethnic Relations and Nationalism, Legal History, War and Political Violence.
Primary Advisor: Omer Bartov

Frances Tanzer
Modern Germany, Jewish history, Holocaust memory, and the aesthetics of modernism, and cultural history
Primary Advisor: Omer Bartov

Jenny Tsundu
Place, Identity & Empire in Soviet Siberia
Primary Advisor: Ethan Pollock

James Wang
I am broadly interested in the political and economic history of modern East Central Europe. My research focuses on transformation of the German idea of Mitteleuropa during the First World War and particularly how it relates to parliamentary opposition to German occupation policies in Eastern Europe.
Primary Advisor: Omer Bartov

Latin America

Juan J. Betancourt-García
Juan Betancourt is a PhD student specializing in Colonial Latin America in the context of the Trans-Atlantic slave trade. Juan's current research project explores the connections between early 19th century medical practice in the Viceroyalty of Río de la Plata  and the expansion of the slave trade with Portuguese ports in Mozambique.
Primary Advisor: Roquinaldo Ferreira

Javier Fernández Galeano
I am working on a comparative study of state policies regarding male homosexuality in Argentina and Spain between the fifties and the eighties.
Dissertation: "Deviant Bodies and Minds: Male Homosexuality and the State in Twentieth-Century Argentina and Spain"
Primary Advisor: James Green

Thamyris Almeida
20th Century Latin America, with a focus on Brazil; gender, race, citizenship, and resistance during Brazil's military dictatorship
Primary Advisor: James Green

René Cordero
René Cordero is interested in masculinity, the Cold War and emigration in the Spanish Caribbean.

Diego Luis
My research centers on early-modern trans-Pacific connections, specifically the movement of free and enslaved Asians from the Spanish Philippines to New Spain during the 16th and 17th centuries.
Primary Advisor: Evelyn Hu-Dehart

Daniel McDonald
As a historian of modern Latin America with a focus on Brazil, my research interests center on cities, citizenship, welfare politics, gender, and social movements.
Dissertation: "Family Ties: Citizenship and Welfare in the Brazilian Transition to Democracy, 1964-1995"
Primary Advisor: James Green

Andre Pagliarini 
Modern Latin America, Twentieth-Century Brazil, Radical Politics, Southern Cone Dictatorships, Cold War
Primary Advisor: James Green

(John) Luke Smith
Colonial Latin America, History of the Andes,  Social and Economic History, Race, Labor, Commodities, and Empires in the Early Modern World
Primary Advisor: James Green 

Middle East 

Julia Gettle
Modern Middle East, 20th Century Levant, Arab Nationalism, Mediterranean History, Social and Cultural History, Political and Social Movements
Primary Advisor: Beshara Doumani

Maariyah Lateef
Late Ottoman history; interactions between muftis and their communities; Islamic legal and ethical norms
Primary Advisor: Beshara Doumani

Joseph Leidy
My primary research focus is on interwar politics in Syria and Lebanon and in the Syro-Lebanese diaspora in South America.  I am also interested in histories of gender and the environment.
Primary Advisor: Beshara Doumani

South Asia 

Abhilash Medhi
Modern South Asia, Afghanistan, Borderlands, Spatial Theory, Political Economy, Travel Writing
Primary Advisor: Vazira Fazila-Yacoobali Zamindar

Devon Newhouse
Devon Newhouse studies migration within the Portuguese empire with a focus on the movement from Portuguese India to Africa. 

Suvaid Yaseen
Modern South Asia, Islam, Intellectual History, Political and Religious Movements
Primary Advisor: Vazira Fazila-Yacoobali Zamindar

History of Science, Technology, Environment, and Medicine (STEaM)

Amanda Arceneaux
Amanda Arceneaux is interested in the history of science in early modern Europe, particularly the period when alchemy/chymistry was a conduit between magic and science.

George Elliott
Interested in the early modern history of alchemy in the Anglo-American colonies and its connections to the history of the Atlantic world. Questions focus on scientific knowledge production, experimentation, and alchemical influences on medical treatment
Primary Advisor: Tara Nummedal

United States

Ann Daly
Ann Daly is a is a Ph.D. candidate in the History Department. Her research interests include the nineteenth- century United States and the history of money.
Primary Advisor: Seth Rockman

Anne Gray Fischer
Anne Gray Fischer's interests include twentieth-century United States politics and social movements; race, gender, and sexuality studies; critical legal studies; and U.S. urban history. Her dissertation, "Arrestable Behavior: Women, Police Power, and the Making of Law-and-Order America, 1930-1980," examines the police-driven enforcement of morals laws amid the transformations of racial and sexual politics in twentieth-century American cities.
Dissertation: "Arrestable Behavior: Women, Police Power, and the Making of Law-and-Order America, 1930-1980"
Primary Advisor: Robert Self

Aaron Jacobs
My research interests include, broadly, the production of liberal subjectivity and its proximity to state violence, focused especially on cultures of work under both relations of enslavement and free contract labor in the United States.
Primary Advisor: Seth Rockman

Rachel Knecht
I am interested in the intersection of the histories of science and capitalism. My dissertation focuses on the way that mathematical skill became a proxy for economic authority in nineteenth century America.
Dissertation: "Visionary Calculations: Inventing the Mathematical Economy in Nineteenth Century America"
Primary Advisor: Seth Rockman

Brooke Lamperd
20th Century U.S.; Political Economy; U.S. in the World
Primary Advisor: Robert Self

Jonathan Lande
Democracy in the U.S.; Civil War and Reconstruction; Legal and Constitutional History; Slavery, Emancipation, and Race
Primary Advisor: Michael Vorenberg

Alicia Maggard
Early U.S. History, History of Technology, Naval History, Empire, and Political Economy
Dissertation: "One Nation, under Steam: Technopolitics, Steam Navigation, and the Rise of American Industrial Power"
Primary Advisor: Seth Rockman 

Takuya Maeda
Takuya Maeda studies 20th century U.S. history with a focus on Asian American identity and politics. He is particularly interested in Japanese American interment and redress, and the ways in which traditional notions of communal history, group membership, ethnic identity, and political activism are being challenged by the influx of post-1965 Japanese immigrants.

Rebecca Marisseau
I research the material culture of Revolutionary and early national America. In particular, I am interested in how early Americans used objects to shape and define national identity and citizenship.
Primary Advisor: Seth Rockman 

Sarah Pearlman Shapiro
Sarah Pearlman Shapiro studies early American history, specifically the politics of death. Sarah is interested in the social and legal consequences of death as it occurred in public versus private spaces of colonial cities.

Leslie-William Robinson
Broadly construed I am interested in the intersections of U.S Labor, Military, and Imperial history.
Primary Advisor: Robert Self

Heather Sanford
Twitter: @heather_history
My research explores the relationship between food systems and slavery in the colonial British Atlantic.
Dissertation: "Palatable Slavery: Food, Race, and Freedom in the Colonial British Atlantic"
Primary Advisor: Linford Fisher

Simeon Simeonov
U.S. antebellum history in global context; state and empire building, capitalism, international relations. 
Primary Advisor: Seth Rockman

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