History concentrators must take at least two courses in the "Premodern" era (P)

For more details about these courses for current term, see: Courses@Brown.

Spring P courses not listed before 1/23/18 are italicized.

*Course doesn't appear as "P" in Courses@Brown, but does count as a "P."

Fall 2017

Spring 2018

HIST 0233    Colonial Latin America

HIST 0270A  From Fire Wielders to Empire Builders: Human Impact on the Global Environment before 1492

HIST 0580M  The Age of Revolutions, 1760-1824

HIST 1200C   History of Greece: From Alexander the Great to the Roman Conquest

HIST 1262M  Truth on Trial: Justice in Italy, 1400-1800

HIST 1266C   English History, 1529-1660

HIST 1931F   History of Greece from Archaic Times to the Death of Alexander (register for CLAS 1210)

HIST 1931G   Roman Religion (register for CLAS 1410)

HIST 1964A   Age of Imposters: Fraud, Identification, and the Self in Early Modern Europe

HIST 1964F   Early Modern Ireland

HIST 1966Q  Colonial Encounters and the Creation of Latin America

HIST 1979P   Prostitutes, Mothers + Midwives: Women in Pre-modern Europe and North America

HIST 0286A  History of Medicine I: Medical Traditions in the Old World Before 1700

HIST 0690A* Empire and Everyday Life in Colonial Latin America

HIST 1101 Chinese Political Thought from Confucius to Xi Jinping

HIST 1200B  The Fall of Empires and Rise of Kings: Greek History, 478 to 323 BCE 

HIST 1210A  The Viking Age

HIST 1266D  British History, 1660-1800

HIST 1280    Death from Medieval Relics to Forensic Science

HIST 1501* The American Revolution

HIST 1736 A Global History of the Reformation

HIST 1825F   Nature, Knowledge, Power in Renaissance Europe

HIST 1931E  The Culture of Death in Ancient Rome (register for CLAS 1420)

HIST 1946D  Women in Early Modern England

HIST 1946K  Descartes' World

HIST 1974A  The Silk Roads, Past and Present

HIST 1980K Medieval Islamic Sectarianism (register for RELS 1530D)