Upcoming Faculty Presentations Fall 2016

October 19 Jennifer Johnson. "The Battle for Algeria: Sovereignty, Health Care and Humanitarianism," Joukowsky Forum, Watson Institute.
October 20 Bathsheba Demuth. "Agency Sits in Places: Arctic Ecology and Modern Ideology in the Bering Strait, 1840-1980," Joukowsky Institute Brown Bag Lunch Lecture Series. 
October 21-22 Tim Harris. "Elections Before Democracy in 17th Century England," Elections Before Democracy, Princeton University.
October 24 Lukas Rieppel. "Dinosaurs and American Capitalism," Philosophy Department Colloquium, Connecticut College.
October 26 Tara Nummedal. “Early-Modern Alchemy as the Art of Colour,” Colouring and Making in Alchemy and Chemistry – 7th SHAC Postgraduate Workshop, Universiteit Utrecht, Netherlands.
November 5 Lukas Rieppel. "Assembling Prehistory." History of Science Society.
November 6 Omer Bartov. "The Voice of Your Brother's Blood: Buczacz, Biography of a Town," The Holocaust in the 21st Century: Relevance and Challenges in the Digital Age (Lessons and Legacies XIV Conference), Claremont University.
November 18 Omer Bartov. "Reimagining the Second Republic: Interwar Poland in History and Memory," 48th Annual Convention of the Association for Slavic, East European, and Eurasian Studies. Washington, DC.
November 21 Lukas Rieppel, "The Epistemology of Authenticity," Museum für Naturkunde, Germany.
December 5 Omer Bartov. "Denationalizing and Transnationalizing Holocaust Perpretrators: The View from Below," Conceptualizations of the Holocaust in Germany, Lithuania, Poland, and Ukraine since the 1990s, German Historical Institute, Poland.
December 8 Françoise Hamlin. "History of Black Feminisms", History of Women and Gender Series, Massachusetts Historical Society.