Collaborative Humanities Seminars


Additional seminars for the 2020–2021 academic year will be announced by January 2020. 

Spring 2021 HMAN 2400Q War and the Politics of Cultural Memory Daniel Kim (English and American Studies)
Ravit Reichman (English)
Spring 2021 HMAN 2500 Project Development Workshop TBD


Fall 2019 HMAN 2400P The Idea of the University Gerhard Richter (German Studies and Comparative Literature)
Peter Szendy (Comparative Literature)
Fall 2019 HMAN 2400R Tracing Translations: Artistic Migrations and Reinventions in the Early Modern World Shahzad Bashir (Middle East Studies and Religious Studies)
Holly Shaffer (History of Art and Architecture)
Fall 2019 HMAN 2400S Race, Nation, Immigration Prerna Singh (Political Science and International and Public Affairs)
Michael Steinberg (History and Music)
Spring 2020 HMAN 2400T Imagining Cities: Early Modern Urban Perspectives Laura Bass (Hispanic Studies)
Evelyn Lincoln (History of Art and Architecture and Italian Studies)
Spring 2020 HMAN 2400U Italian Thought: Inside and Out Laura Odello (French Studies)
Suzanne Stewart-Steinberg (Comparative Literature and Italian Studies)
Spring 2020 HMAN 2400W The Visual Frequency of Black Life Tina Campt (Modern Culture and Media)
in parallel with Saidiya Hartman (Columbia University)
Spring 2020 HMAN 2400X Premodern Art-Science, or the Work of Knowing in Europe before 1800 Harold Cook (History)
Tara Nummedal (History and Italian Studies)
Spring 2020 HMAN 2500 Project Development Workshop Timothy Bewes (English)
Brian Meeks (Africana Studies)


Spring 2019 HMAN 2400I Environmental Humanities Mark Cladis (Religious Studies)
Sharon Krause (Political Science)
Spring 2019 HMAN 2400K Theories of Affect: Poetics of Expression Through and Beyond Identity Daniel Kim (English and American Studies)
Ada Smailbegovic (English)
Spring 2019 HMAN 2400M Philosophy and Architecture Paul Guyer (Philosophy)
Dietrich Neumann (History of Art and Architecture, Urban Studies, and Italian Studies)
Spring 2019 HMAN 2400N Care of the World, Between Politics and Theology Bonnie Honig (Political Science, Modern Culture and Media)
Adi Ophir (Cogut Institute and Middle East Studies)
Spring 2019 HMAN 2500 Project Development Workshop Amanda Anderson (English)
Tamara Chin (Comparative Literature)
Fall 2018 HMAN 2400G It's About Time: Temporalities of Waiting in Theory, Literature, and Film Adi Ophir (Cogut Institute and Middle East Studies)
Peter Szendy (Comparative Literature)
Fall 2018 HMAN 2400H Art History from the South: Circulations, Simulations, Transfigurations Tapati Guha-Thakurta (Visiting Professor)
Vazira Zamindar (History)
Fall 2018 HMAN 2400J Archives: Histories, Practices, Theories, and Formations Ariella Azoulay (Comparative Literature and Modern Media and Culture)
Laura Wexler (Yale University)
Fall 2018 HMAN 2400L Religion and Internationalism Nathaniel Berman (International Affairs, Law, and Modern Culture)
Thomas Lewis (Religious Studies) 


Spring 2018 HMAN 2400A Politics and Literature Amanda Anderson (English)
Bonnie Honig (Modern Culture and Media and Political Science)
Spring 2018 HMAN 2400F Scales of Historiography Tamara Chin (Comparative Literature)
Rebecca Nedostup (History)
Fall 2017 HMAN 2400B Trans/Passing, in Theory Jacques Khalip (English)
Matthew Guterl (Africana Studies and American Studies)
Fall 2017 HMAN 2400D Potential History of Photography: Collaboration Ariella Azoulay (Comparative Literature and Modern Culture and Media) and guest lecturers
Fall 2017 HMAN 2400E What Was Europe? Kevin McLaughlin (English and Comparative Literature)
Peter Szendy (Comparative Literature)


Spring 2017 HMAN 2400C Around 1948: Interdisciplinary Approaches to Global Transformation Ariella Azoulay (Modern Culture and Media and Comparative Literature)
Leela Gandhi (Humanities and English)
Fall 2016 HMAN 2970W Ethics/Politics Amanda Anderson (Humanities and English)
Leela Gandhi (Humanities and English)