Humanities Initiative Projects

Fall 2020 Rights and Lives: Continuities in Black Freedom Struggles Françoise Hamlin (Africana Studies and History), Shirletta Kinchen (University of Louisville), Charles McKinney (Rhodes College) abstract $4,350
Fall 2020 The Uses of Space in Andean History and Archaeology Jeremy Mumford (History) and Parker VanValkenburgh (Anthropology) abstract $1,100
Spring 2020 Chinese Studies in the Age of Covid-19: Urgent work in the Humanities Rebecca Nedostup (History), Cynthia Brokaw (East Asian Studies and History), Brian Lander (History and Environment and Society), Elizabeth Lord (Environment and Society), Jason Potass (Religious Studies), Elena Shih (American Studies) abstract $1,600
Fall 2019 Body Energy Breath: Mapping Embodiment Across Asia Harold Roth (Religious Studies), Larson DiFiori (Religious Studies and Contemplative studies), Srinivas Reddy (Religious Studies and Contemplate Studies), Christopher Moore (Carney Institute for Brain Sciences) abstract $2,000
Fall 2019 Ex-action: On Inoperativity, Desoeuvrement, and Other Breaks from Work Kristina Mendicino (German Studies), Nasrin Olla (Pembroke Center for Teaching and Research on Women) abstract $3,750
Fall 2019 Lectures on a Theme of Security Choreography Sydney Skybetter (Theatre and Performance Studies), Kiri Miller (American Studies and Music) abstract $5,000
Fall 2019 Miyagi's Antigones and Breuer and Telson's Gospel at Colonus: Modern Appropriations of Sophocles by Disparate Cultures Adele Scafuro (Classics), Rebecca Schneider (Theatre Studies and Performance Arts) abstract $2,500
Fall 2019 Political Concepts Conference: Retouch Ariella Azoulay (Modern Culture & Media), Vazira Zamindar (History), Aliyyah Abdur-Rahman (English) abstract $3,000
Fall 2019 Queer Korea @ Brown/RISD Samuel Perry (East Asian Studies and Comparative Literature), Jung Joon Lee (RISD), Yeong-Ran Kim (Theatre and Performance Studies) abstract $4,000
Fall 2019 The Paper Empire: Chinese Historical Maps Digital Project Zhuqing Li (Brown Library), Rebecca Nedostup (History), Jeffrey Moser (History of Art and Architecture),Tyler Jost (Political Science and the Watson Institute) Liwei Jiao (East Asian Studies) abstract $2,500
Fall 2019 Translations across Disciplines Jane Sokolosky (Center for Language Studies), Zachary Sng (German Studies), Massimo Riva (Italian Studies) abstract $5,000
Spring 2019 At the Margins: Interconnections of Power and Identity in the Ancient Near East Matthew Rutz (Egyptology and Assyriology) and Saul Olyan (Religious Studies and Judaic Studies) abstract $5,000
Spring 2019 Captivity in the Mediterranean John Bodel (Classics and History), Jonathan Conant (History), Emily Owens (History), Amy Remensnyder (History), and Adam Teller (Judaic Studies and History) abstract $5,000
Spring 2019 Challenges to Brazilian Democracy: An International Conference in the Humanities and Social Sciences Geri Augusto (Watson Institute), James N. Green (History), Leila Lehnen (Portuguese and Brazilian Studies), Keisha-Khan Perry (Africana Studies), and Leah VanWey (IBES) abstract $5,000
Spring 2019 Home, for Now: An Indigenous New Play Development and Workshop Performance Lisa Biggs (Africana Studies/Rites and Reason Theatre), Sarah dAngelo (Theatre Arts and Performance Studies), Adrienne Keene (American Studies), and Elmo Terry-Morgan (Africana Studies/Rites and Reason Theatre) abstract $5,000
Spring 2019 Patterns and Trajectories of Migrations / People and Objects: A Non-Imperial Approach to Restitution Ariella Azoulay (Modern Culture and Media and Comparative Literature), Yannis Hamilakis (Archaeology and Modern Greek Studies), and Vazira Zamindar (History) abstract $5,000
Spring 2019 Revolutions in History Jennifer Lambe (History), Rebecca Nedostup (History), Ethan Pollock (History and Slavic Studies), Seth Rockman (History), and Esther Whitfield (Comparative Literature and Hispanic Studies) abstract $3,000
Spring 2019 Spirit Sounds: Religion and Spirituality in Black American Music Dana Gooley (Music) and Charrise Barron (CSREA, Religious Studies, and Africana Studies) abstract $5,000
Fall 2018 Buddhist Geoaesthetics Jeffrey Moser (History of Art and Architecture) and Jason Protass (Religious Studies)   $5,000
Fall 2018 Creative Medicine Lecture Series Jay Baruch (Alpert Medical School)   $4,000
Fall 2018 For Paul Celan Kristina Mendicino (German Studies) and Zachary Sng (German Studies)   $4,000
Fall 2018 Narratives of Debt Bonnie Honig (Political Science) and Peter Szendy (Comparative Literature)   $5,000
Fall 2018 Neurodiversity and Worldmaking Symposium Leon Hilton (Theatre Arts and Performance Studies), Nic Ramos (Africana Studies), and Deborah Weinstein (American Studies)   $5,000
Fall 2018 On Tap Live Podcast Recording Kiri Miller (American Studies and Music) and Sydney Skybetter (Theatre Arts and Performance Studies)   $1,000
Fall 2018 The Eighth North American Syriac Symposium Susan Ashbrook Harvey (Religious Studies)   $5,000
Spring 2018 Meeting of the North American Conference on British Studies Timothy Harris (History)   $5,000
Spring 2018 Political Concepts 2018: Knowledge Production Timothy Bewes (English), Leela Gandhi (English and Humanities), Lukas Rieppel (History) and Adi Ophir (Humanities and Middle East Studies)   $2,000
Spring 2018 "Signs and Wonders": The Worlds of Herman Melville  Stuart Burrows (English)   $5,000
Spring 2018 Portuguese and Brazilian Studies Journals at Brown Digital Repository Carlos Pittella (Portuguese and Brazilian Studies), Janet Blume (Portuguese and Brazilian Studies), Onesimo Almeida (Portuguese and Brazilian Studies), and Jeronimo Pizarro (Portuguese and Brazilian Studies) abstract $5,000
Fall 2017 Afterlives of Witnessing: Moving Images from the Levant and the Political Imagination Beshara Doumani (Middle East Studies), Hanan Toukan (History of Art and Architecture), and Kareem Estefan (Modern Culture and Media) abstract $5,000
Fall 2017 Gamboa: An Ethnographic Novel of Land and Love in Brazil Keisha-Khan Perry (Africana Studies) and Sherine Hamdy (University of California, Irvine) abstract $3,000
Fall 2017 Annual Conference of the North American Society for the Study of Romanticism Jacques Khalip (English), Kristina Mendicino (German Studies), Zachary Sng (German Studies), and Marc Redfield (Comparative Literature) abstract $5,000
Fall 2017 Judaism – Christianity – Islam: Untranslatables and Crossovers Shahzad Bashir (Religious Studies), Adi Ophir (Cogut Institute for the Humanities), and Peter Szendy (Comparative Literature) abstract $5,000
Spring 2017 Brown Legal History Workshop Michael Vorenberg (History), Faiz Ahmed (History), and Rebecca Nedostup (History) abstract $1,100
Spring 2017 Change and Resilience: The Occupation of Mediterranean Islands in Late Antiquity Peter van Dommelen (Archeology), Miguel Cau Ontiveros (visiting scholar), and Catalina Mas Florit (visiting scholar)  abstract $5,500
Spring 2017 Visualizing and Memorializing the Middle Passage Linford Fisher (History),  Tony Bogues (Slavery and Justice), Matthew Reilly (visiting scholar), Claire Andrade-Watkins (visiting scholar); Karen de Bruin (University of Rhode Island), and Marcus Nevius (University of Rhode Island) abstract $5,000
Spring 2017 Queer Korea: Gender, Health and Cultural Representation Samuel Perry (East Asian Studies) and Don Operario (Public Health) abstract $4,000
Spring 2017 Sous les pavés: 20th- and 21st-Century French/Francophone Studies International Colloquium Thangam Ravindranathan (French Studies), Justin Izzo (French Studies), David Wills (French Studies) and Hannah Freed-Thall (Comparative Literature) abstract $2,000
Fall 2016 Choreographic Interfaces Kiri Miller (Music) and Sydney Skybetter (Theatre Arts and Performance Studies) abstract $5,000
Fall 2016 Gender, Labor and Cultural Representation in Chinese History Lingzhen Wang (East Asian Studies), Kaijun Chen (East Asian Studies), and Tamara Chin (Comparative Literature) abstract $5,000
Fall 2016 Displacement and the Making of the Modern World: Histories, Ecologies and Subjectivities Beshara Doumani (Middle East Studies), Sarah Tobin (Middle East Studies), Ariella Azoulay (Modern Culture and Media) abstract $3,500
Spring 2016 Under Southern Stars: Seeing from the Global South Jennifer Lambe (History), Camila Maroja (History of Art and Architecture), Felipe Martinez Pinzon (Hispanic Studies), and Iris Montero (Cogut Center for the Humanities) abstract $5,000
Spring 2016 Myth and Creation in and Beyond Plato’s Timaeus Mary Louise Gill (Philosophy) abstract $5,000
Spring 2016 Islam and the French: Religion and Laïcité in the Public Sphere Lewis Seifert (French Studies) abstract $5,000
Spring 2016 Inheriting the Frankfurt School Kristina Mendicino (German Studies) and Gerhard Richter (German Studies) abstract $5,000
Spring 2016 Joshua Oppenheimer Screenings/Discussions Tamara Chin (Comparative Literature) and Stephen Kinzer (Watson Institute) abstract $5,000
Fall 2015 George Lamming Documentary Tony Bogues (Center for the Study of Slavery and Justice) abstract $10,000
Fall 2015 African-American Muleskinners on the Mississippi Levee Constance Crawford (Center for the Study of Slavery and Justice), Karen Baxter (Rites and Reason Theatre), Elmo Terry-Morgan (Africana Studies), and Charlotte Carrington-Farm (Roger Williams University) abstract $3,000
Fall 2015 Cuban “Transitions”: What’s Left Out Jennifer Lambe (History), Keisha-Khan Perry (Africana Studies), Daniel Rodriguez (History), and Esther Whitfield (Comparative Literature and Hispanic Studies) abstract $5,000
Fall 2015 42nd Annual 19th-Century French Studies Conference Gretchen Schultz (French Studies)
abstract $2,000
Spring 2015 An Alchemical Puzzle Book Tara Nummedal (Science and Technology Studies), Evelyn Lincoln (History of Art and Architecture and Italian Studies) abstract $5,000
Spring 2015 Brown Law and History Workshops Faiz Ahmed (History) and Michael Vorenberg (History) abstract $2,700
Spring 2015 First Folio! The Book that Gave Us Shakespeare Coppelia Kahn (English) abstract $5,000
Spring 2015 Distant Reading and the Islamic Archive Elias Muhanna (Comparative Literature) abstract $4,600
Fall 2014 The Terms of Media Wendy Chun (Modern Culture and Media) abstract $10,000
Fall 2014 Coco Fusco (visiting artist) Wendy Edwards (Visual Arts) abstract $3,400
Fall 2014 The 7th International Conference on Transatlantic Studies at Brown University Julio Ortega (Hispanic Studies) abstract $7,000
Fall 2014 History for the Long-Term: Perspectives on Governance, Exclusion and Environmental Crisis Jo Guldi (History) abstract $5,000
Spring 2014 The Andean Project Laura Bass (Hispanic Studies) and Jeremy Mumford (History) abstract $4,200
Spring 2014 Performance in a Virtual World Kym Moore (Theatre Arts and Performance Studies) and Todd Winkler (Music) abstract $5,000
Spring 2014 Textual Corpora and the Digital Islamic Humanities: A Workshop Elias Muhanna (Comparative Literature) abstract $4,500
Spring 2014 Law’s Moving Image: Justice on the Small Screen Ravit Reichman (English) abstract $5,000
Fall 2013 New Perspectives on Guantanamo: Art, Activism and Advocacy Anne Valk (John Nicholas Brown Center for Public Humanities) and Esther Whitfield (Comparative Literature and Hispanic Studies) abstract $7,500
Fall 2013 Physics as Metaphysics (Lecture Series) Nina Emery (Philosophy) abstract $6,000
Spring 2013 Medicine and Social Movements Adia Benton (Anthropology), Lundy Braun (Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, Africana Studies, and Science and Technology Studies), Harold Cook (History), Sherine Hamdy (Anthropology, Science and Technology Studies, Middle East Studies), Dianne Ritchie (BioMed Family Medicine and Africana Studies), Soha Bayoumi (Harvard University) abstract $4,000