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About The Institute

Brown students change the world. IBES helps them save the planet.

Climate change and conflict, hurricanes and drought, extinction and poverty – these threats know no borders. Our fragile planet and its vulnerable peoples are at risk. This time of unprecedented challenge requires bold solutions and innovative thinking.

The Institute at Brown for Environment and Society tackles urgent environmental challenges by harnessing academic excellence from many disciplines; climatology and sociology, ecology and international relations; finance and artistic expression.

At this dynamic cross-campus center, students and faculty conduct groundbreaking research and build creative solutions to complex 21st-century problems. Our work integrates an understanding of the natural world and of human societies because environmental stewardship, human rights, and economic well-being are inextricably linked. Through our unique interdisciplinary approach, we foster actionable research outcomes and train the change agents of tomorrow.

Our rigorous undergraduate curriculum offers meaningful real-world experiences and unique faculty-student collaboration. Our faculty and students are leaders in the global conversation about environmental issues - on campus, at the State House, in boardrooms, and at the United Nations.

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