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Ongoing Sessions

April 4-April 13

Audiovisual installation: Sourcing the Stream (Wendy Woodson, Amherst)
(IBES Lobby)

Early May-July

Exhibition: Bodies of Water/Bodies at Work (Katherine Ibbett, Molly Warsh, Ivonne del Valle)
(John Carter Brown Library)

One-Day Sessions

Tuesday, April 3

3:00pm (John Carter Brown Library): 
Audiovisual installation: Sourcing the Stream (Wendy Woodson, Amherst)
Symposium: Fluidity: Knowing Water in the Americas
Introduction: Neil Safier
· Katherine Ibbett (Caroline de Jager Fellow, Trinity College at University of Oxford)
· Bathsheba Demuth (Assistant Professor of History, IBES)
· Noor Johnson (Research Scientist, National Snow and Ice Data Center)
· John F. López (Assistant Professor of Art History, UC Davis and John Carter Brown Library Fellow)

5:00pm (John Carter Brown Library):
Opening reception
· Introductions: Lenore Manderson, Forrest Gander

Tuesday, April 10

5:00pm (85 Waterman St, Room 130)
Panel: Sioux Surveillance: The Drone Warriors and the #NoDAPL Movement 
· Myron Dewey (Founder, Digital Smoke Signals)
· Lisa Parks (Principal Investigator, Global Media Technologies and Cultures Lab, Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
· Jennifer Weston (Associate Lecturer of Women’s and Gender Studies, University of Massachusetts Boston)

6:30pm (85 Waterman St, Lobby)

Sponsored by CSREA and the Native American and Indigenous Studies Initiative

Wednesday, April 11

5:00pm (85 Waterman St, Room 130):
Double Feature Film and Discussion
including Story Telling for Earthly Survival (Donna Haraway) and A Natural Contract (Sebastian Clark)

Refreshments served at intermission (Rooms 101-102)

Thursday, April 12

12:00pm (85 Waterman Street, Room 015):
Flash Lecture Competition
Chair: Alex Nading (Senior Fellow in International and Public Affairs, Watson Institute)

1:00pm (85 Waterman Street, Upper Lobby):
Poster Session

3:00pm (Rhode Island Hall 108):
Symposium: Writing on Water I: Liquids/Solids
Chair: Lenore Manderson
· Jennifer Galvin (Scientist and Storyteller, New York)
· Brenda Hillman (Olivia Filippi Professor of Poetry, Saint Mary's College)
· Elizabeth Rush (Visiting Lecturer in English, Brown) 
· Angela Burnett (Author, The Irma Diaries)

This session is supported by the Marshall Woods Lectureship Foundation of Fine Arts.

5:00pm (Rhode Island Hall Upper Floor **location change**):
Reception and poetry readings (Cole Swensen, Brenda Hillman)
· Introduction: Forrest Gander

The Irma Diaries (Angela Burnett) book sale

Friday, April 13

3:00pm (85 Waterman Street, Room 015):
Symposium: Writing on Water II: Waterways and Shorelines
Chair: Forrest Gander (Professor of Literary Arts, Brown)
· Akiko Busch (Essayist, Hudson Valley)
· Arthur Sze (Poet, Santa Fe)
· Cole Swensen (Department Chair and Professor of Literary Arts, Brown)
· Zoe Nyssa (Assistant Professor of Anthropology, Purdue University)

This session is supported by the Marshall Woods Lectureship Foundation of Fine Arts.

5:00pm (85 Waterman Street, Lower Lobby)
Poetry Reading
(Forrest Gander, Arthur Sze)
· Introduction: Lenore Manderson


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